The Matador

The Matador is the official CSUN mascot reflecting the fierce spirit of the campus and the proud heritage of the San Fernando Valley. The mascot is protected by copyright and is a trademark of the university.

The Matador is primarily associated with CSUN Athletics. With approval from the Marketing and Communications Department and using the guidelines outlined here, the Matador logo can be used for “spirit” and other non-athletic related promotional material.

The Matador icons.

There are two official "silhouette" versions of the Matador that may be used for promotional materials. These are based on the Matador Statue in the heart of campus, and the marks are meant to represent different angles of The Matador, associated with pride and integrity.

The Matador icons. The Matador icons.

CSUN Athletics operates under its own set of identity guidelines. Please see the separate tab regarding CSUN Athletics Branding

The overarching CSUN identity defined here should not be used in conjunction with the Athletics identity. This includes the CSUN wordmark, Matador and any other extension of the CSUN Athletics identity.

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