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Message From the President

President Dianne F. HarrisonI am pleased to introduce CSUN’s new identity guidelines, which will offer a messaging platform and consistent graphic standards for the university across a variety of communication materials and media.


This work reflects nearly a year of collaboration and hard work from faculty, staff, student and alumni leaders, and input from hundreds of campus stakeholders.


Using one united voice and a consistent graphic identity system strengthens the impact of our message and leaves a lasting visual impression.
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Thank you for taking the time to review this essential guide.

The graphic standards rules and guidelines found here have been developed for several reasons:

  • To help those developing creative content for the University to maintain graphic continuity
  • To provide a consistent way to clearly and effectively communicate messages
  • To help the University protect its image and identity

Why is this necessary?

Our logos, approved typefaces, visual treatments, and “voice” are CSUN’s calling cards — our signatures in the world. As such, it’s critical to use every one of these elements carefully.

It’s important that those of us who work with the CSUN identity have a shared understanding of the elements we use. Working together, we can effectively preserve our image and strong reputation. And continue to build momentum for CSUN well into the future.

Identity Platform