Philosophy undergrads in the library

The Philosophy Department offers students the opportunity to explore life’s biggest and most challenging questions.  In our classrooms, students not only hone their reasoning and argumentation skills, they also connect with one another and have fun. As a result, our majors are very engaged in campus and department activities.

Majoring in philosophy is a great career move. Philosophy majors consistently outperform other majors on graduate entrance exams like the GRE, LSAT, and GMAT. Philosophy majors have also been shown to outperform other majors in salary and earning potential over the course of their careers.  We are proud of the professional success of our alums. Here’s a list of what some of our recent alums are doing with their philosophy degrees:

    • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Kansas State University 
    • Lecturer, Department of Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Humboldt State University (CA)
    • Assistant Professor of Philosophy, CSU-Bakersfield
    • Paraeducator for Vancouver Public Schools
    • Employed at Federal Emergency Management Agency
    • Real Estate Broker/Agent, Rodeo Realty - Studio City
    • Software Engineer
    • Producer in the entertainment industry

Our alums have also pursued further education in the following graduate programs.

  • PhD. in Philosophy at UC-Davis
  • PhD in Philosophy at University of St Andrews (Scotland, UK)
  • PhD in Philosophy at University at Buffalo (NY)
  • PhD in Philosophy at University of Colorado 
  • Law program at University of La Verne College of Law