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Congratulations to all of the winners of the English Department Awards!

Recipients of Fall 2020 Department Awards

  • Northridge Review Fiction AwardMimi Rizo
  • Rachel Sherwood Award- Harrison Manzano
  • Eva Latif Award- Tereza Abelian
  • Linda Nichols Joseph Award- Richelle Herman & Yvette de la Vega
  • Oliver Evans Award—American Literature- Elizabeth Lao
  • Oliver Evans Award—General Topics- Joshua Rideaux
  • Peterson Morley Award- Richelle Herman
  • Thomas Magness Graduate Memorial Fund Award- Katelyn Papadopoulos

Recipients of Fall 2019 Department Awards

  • The Linda Nichols Joseph English Merit Scholarship- Kirby Ditto and Mark Burgess
  • The Oliver W. Evans Writing Prize- American Literature- Elizabeth Lao
  • The Oliver W. Evans Writing Prize- General Topics- Alexa Pineda
  • The Peterson Morley Award- Joseph Jaffray
  • The Thomas Matthew Magness Graduate Memorial Fund- Alden Robison

Recipients of Spring 2019 Department Awards

  • The Professor Mitchell Marcus Prize in English- Katie Wolf
  • The Lesley Johnstone Memorial Award- Desiree Rico
  • The Linda Nichols Joseph English Merit Scholarship- Katharine Charnay, Jessica Edwards, & Deborah Gordon
  • The Mahlon Gaumer Award- Katie Wolf
  • The William L. Wilson Award- Kevin Ginosian
  • The Deborah Averill Award in Creative Writing- Christine Green
  • The Angeline Olliff Memorial Scholarship- Janice M. Robinson
  • The Robert apRoberts Award- Marja Ziemer
  • The Irene Clark Scholarship for Rhetoric and Composition- Colette Meade
  • The Harry Finestone Award- Jessica Stewart
  • The Academy of American Poets- Winner: Angel Baker, Honorable Mention: Katelyn Papadopoulos

Recipients of Fall 2018 Department Awards

  • Eva Latif Writing Prize in Children’s Literature- Joyce Brummet
  • Linda Joseph Nichols English Merit Scholarship- Emma Wolgast
  • Thomas Magness Graduate Memorial Fund- Joyce Brummet
  • Oliver W. Evans Writing Prize-General Topics- Gianne Braza
  • Oliver W. Evan Writing Prize-Literature- Caitlin Hawkins & Alden Robison
  • Philip E. Love English 205 Scholarship- Oluwapelumi Akiwowo
  • Peterson Morley Award- Janice Robinson        
  • Rachel Sherwood Poetry Prize- Jarin Mumu
  • Northridge Review Fiction Prize- Sarah Densmore

Recipients of Spring 2018 Department Awards

  • The Angeline Olliff Memorial Award-Jessica Stewart
  • The Irene Clark Scholarship for Rhetoric and Composition- Maria Arienza
  • The Lesley Johnstone Memorial Award- Arnoldo Toral 
  • The Henry Van Slooten Scholarship in English- Vanessa Lopez 
  • The Harry Firestone Award in English- Maya Richards 
  • The Mahlon Gaumer Award- Krisha Narayanamurti 
  • The Philip E. Love English 205 Scholarship- Robert Denam 
  • Professor Mitchell Marcus Prize in English- Sophia Apodaca 
  • The William L. Wilson Award- Annabelle Bonebrake 
  • Robert Roberts English Honors Essay Prize- Samantha Wallace 
  • Linda Nicholes Joseph English Merit Scholarship: 
  • Mary Chavez
  • Jessica Edwards
  • Michael Mason
  • Joyce Brummer

Recipients of Spring 2016 Department Awards

  •  Academy of American Poets Award-Sophia Apodaca Poem: "Coming Out to My Mother"
  • Honorable Mention- Alexa Spann Poem: "Rhapsody in Black"
  • Henry Van Slooten Award-Jake R. Rarick Essay Title: "Of Maus and Man"
  • The William L. Wilson Award-Josh Mandell
  • Robert apRoberts English Honors Essay Prize-Rebecca Rahimi Essay Title: "Commercializing Tragedy"
  • Professor Mitchell Marcus Prize in English-Nazanin Keynejad, Essay Title: "Villainy and the Will in Renaissance Drama"
  • Mahlon Gaumer Award-Eric Kufs Essay Title: "Cottages not Cottagers: The Abandoned Plans for the Unseen in Milddlemarch"
  • Harry Finestone Award in English-Tania Dominguez “Hegemonic Masculinity in Larry Kramer’s Faggots”
  • Linda Nicols Joseph Merit Scholarship Award-Catherine Cheresh, Samantha Goli, Zuleima Ugalde 

Recipients of Fall 2015 Department Awards

  • Rachel Sherwood Award- Shetachai Chatchoomsai
  • Honorable Mention-April Shih
  • Oliver Evans Award- Lusine Makarosyan
  • Oliver Evans-Annabelle Bonebrake
  • Linda Nichols Joseph English Merit Scholarship-Sharaya Olmeda
  • Peterson Morley Award- Christian Cardenas
  • Philip E. Love English 205 Scholarship-Allison Bunyun
  • The Eva Latif Award-Daniel Freeman
  • The Eva Latif Award-Kaitlyn Hider
  • The Northridge Review Fiction Award-Antoine Bowman
  • Honorable Mention-Kirk Sever

Recipients of Spring 2015 Department Awards

  • Academy of American Poets-Cody Dietz, "Fireworks"
    • Honorable Mention-Daniel Mouron, "The Explorers Journal"
  • Henry Van Slooten Scholarship in English- Caroline Cerrelli, "The Anti-Hero's Journey"
  • Robert apRoberts English Honors Essay Prize- Gabriela Almendarez, "The Topography of Borders: Hybridity, Queerness, and Mexican-American Identity"
  • The Mahlon Gaumer Award- Stephen Florian, "The Rhetoric of Surf"
  • The Harry Finestone Award in English-Lily Thiemens, "Le Linnathon: Music and Mythology in Middle Earth
  • The Professor Mitchell Marcus Prize in English- Eric Barnhart

Information on Freshmen Level Writing Courses

To help students achieve university-level competence in writing, the Department of English offers English 115 “Approaches to University Writing”. The prerequisite to English 115 is a score of 147 or higher on the English Placement Test (EPT). The CSU requires that each entering undergraduate, except those who qualify for an exemption, take the CSU Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) examination and the CSU English Placement Test (EPT) prior to enrollment. The scores on this test provide valuable information about the students' skills in writing and reading.  An EPT score of 139 or lower determines a student must enroll in English 113A followed by English 113B. An EPT score of 140-146 determines a student must enroll in English 114A followed by English 114B. Students may also get tutoring assistance through the Learning Resource Center (LRC). The LRC is open to both new and continuing students on an appointment basis.