CSU's Got Talent | Overcoming the Impostor: Silence Your Inner Critic & Lead with Confidence

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:00am


Facilitated By:

Kris Kelso, Executive Coach, Author, and Keynote Speaker


Ever felt like you didn't measure up to the assumptions others have made about you? Or wonder if your success is the result of luck and timing, rather than your intelligence or hard work? Have you ever worried that at some point, everyone will figure out that you're just making it up as you go?

If so, you may have had a run-in with The Impostor, that inner critic that tries to convince you that your success isn't real, and that you're living a lie.

Kris Kelso will break down the mental battle of Impostor Syndrome, and give you the tools to silence your inner critic. Kris will help you to see the world differently - embracing failure as part of success, recognizing fear as a positive sign, and leading with vulnerability when stakes are high.

Employees for Success


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