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Recent News in HHD

Causes in Common: Health Care and Student Success

January 14, 2016

louis rubino speaking

For CSUN students who want to study abroad, opportunities for campus based exchange programs span the globe from Limerick Ireland to Hubei China, and many places in between. Louis Rubino, Faculty and Director of the CSUN Health Administration Program, is driven by a desire to create opportunities for student success by promoting and teaching about the value of culture immersion as part of the college experience. Most recently, he traveled to Hubei University of Medicine (HUM) to strengthen the bonds he forged on his first visit there in 2012. Read more

Interior Design: Awarded for Imagination and Skill

January 14, 2016


When Interior Design senior Rina Velasco heard in class that she could take part in a design competition that would put her into collaboration with students from other colleges and universities, she didn't ask whether there was any prize money at stake. "I just did it for the experience," she said, "Ms. Kohn encouraged us to try it, and I thought, why not?" So when her five member team won the $10,000 first place award at the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Design Charette for their design for a youth hostel, she was beside herself. "I tell my friends it was my favorite senior moment," Velasco laughed.  And she wasn’t the only winner from CSUN.  Michelle Sima, a junior, was part of the team who won 3rd place, and one of our newest Interior Design students, Neda Bakhtar also participated. Read more

Dance: A High Impact Practice for Learing and Life

January 14, 2016

csun dancers

Where does dance lead in life? Kinesiology students in the Dance program choreograph, produce and perform three dance concerts every year for the campus and local communities. But beyond dance, what are students learning – and how? While the dance concerts are by nature performances for audiences, from the perspective of educators, the productions are known to be High Impact Practices (HIPs) because the experience also leads students into self-discovery while helping students develop skills for further education and life overall. Read more


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