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Meet Kiona Williams, 2023 Wolfson Scholar Nominee from HHD

June 12, 2023

kiona williams

Meet Kiona Williams, the 2023 Wolfson Scholar Nominee from the College of Health and Human Development. She was also named an HHD Dean’s College Scholar for 2023. She graduated on May 21 with her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the Department of Health Sciences and a GPA of 3.94.  She achieved this while also holding an off-campus internship and working in the CSUN Department of Health Sciences with faculty and helping to support other students working on their degrees. Read more

Get to Know HHD's 2023 Dean's College Scholars

June 12, 2023

college scholars

Each spring, our department faculty nominate graduating seniors for the CSUN Wolfson Scholar Award. These nominees are also recognized by the Dean and are named HHD Dean's College Scholars. The Dean's College Scholars for 2023 are HHD's Wolfson Nominee, Kiona Williams (Health Sciences/Public Health); and runners up, Kenneth Oz (Family and Consumer Sciences/Interior Design), and Madison Schneider (Kinesiology/Dance). We are proud of all of our College Scholars and the ways they represent their academic disciplines and the College overall. Read More About these Scholars

Tania Parker, CSUN Outstanding Graduating Senior from HHD

June 6, 2023

tania parker

Every year, the University selects four Outstanding Graduating Seniors for recognition at Honors Convocation. One of this year’s four was from the College of Health and Human Development: Tania K. Parker graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Child and Adolescent Development (CADV) on May 21st with a GPA of 3.84. Read More About Tania Parker


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