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Tom Chen Honored at 2017 CSUN Volunteer Service Awards

November 21, 2017

Tom Chen

When the question was: Why do you give back? The answer was: Why not? The advocates, givers and volunteers who were honored at the CSUN Volunteer Service Awards in Woodland Hills paid tribute to CSUN as the university honored them. Professor emeritus Tung-Shan “Tom” Chen received one of the top honors: the Dean Ed Peckham Award, which goes to an emeritus/emerita or retired member of the faculty or staff who is loyal to and supportive of the university. Also honored were 15 individuals for their service and dedication to colleges and programs and 12 more for their tireless work with the CSUN Alumni Association’s chapters. Read more

CADV Faculty Trains Teachers in Handling Trauma after Natural Disasters

November 14, 2017

jo anne pandey

“My husband found out about the earthquake through Facebook,” said Pandey, a part-time faculty member in the Department of Child and Adolescent Development at CSUN.  It was April 25, 2015, and a 7.8-magnitude earthquake had just rocked Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and its surrounding areas. The temblor had killed thousands of people, destroyed homes, schools and infrastructure. Pandey harnessed her teaching experience in Nepal and familiarity with the local education system to help. She worked with authorities to organize a training for Nepalese teachers, educating them on how to help students and colleagues cope with trauma. Read more

LA Minority and Underserved Groups Get Intro to Outdoor Activities Through CSUN Program

November 13, 2017

community members paddle a kayak on lake castaic

The wind picked up on what was supposed to be a calm, 95-degree September day on Castaic Lake, and suddenly no matter how hard Melony Varnado tried to steer her paddleboard left, it blew right. Under normal circumstances, this could have been alarming for Varnado, who had never been on a paddleboard before. But a certified California State University, Northridge instructor was there to teach her how to lay down on the board and paddle herself to safety. Read more


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