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FCS TRENDS Fashion Show Goes Beyond the Ordinary

May 11, 2017

models on the runway

Transcendent: Beyond the Ordinary, the 38th annual TRENDS Fashion Show, took place on May 7 at CSUN in front of an audience of more than 400. The event kicked off with a dancing performance by NADESHIKO, an all-female Japanese-dance crew. The fashion show showcased the collections of graduating senior designers in the FCS Apparel Design and Merchandising program and featured a special presentation graduate students. Future designers, students from the Advanced Construction and Pattern Making classes, also designed garments that were featured on the catwalk. Read more

Graduates to Receive Special Recognition at Honors Convocation: Meet HHD's Roxxette Zepeda

May 8, 2017

roxxette zepeda

In a life of so many closed doors, it was a CSUN recruiter who opened a window for Roxxette Lezly Zepeda. The 17-year-old was late to class, running down the hallway of Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School in Los Angeles, one day during her senior year. Joel Monroy, a recruiter for the university’s Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP), stopped her in the hallway and asked, “‘What are your plans after high school graduation?’” This was a turning point toward making her dreams come true just as she had been preparing to accept much less in her life. Read more

Kathleen Young Returns from Cuba with New Insight into Universal Healthcare

April 28, 2017

kathleen young

According to the CIA World Factbook, Cuba’s infant mortality rate is among the lowest in the world — lower than the United States’ — and the country provides intensive prenatal care for women. Health Sciences faculty Kathleen Young traveled to Cuba to investigate the country's universal health care system along with a delegation of 14 medical health professionals--all women--to understand the correlation between prevention-driven medical practices and lower infant mortality rates. Read more


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