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Recent News in HHD

Aquatic Center at Castaic Lake in 2017

January 16, 2018

Aquatic Center 2017

The CSUN Aquatic Center at Castaic Lake (Aquatic Center) served upwards of 3,500 youth over the summer of 2017. This included hosting a water safety and boating experience program at the fourth annual Stansport Campout. Stansport, a family-owned outdoor equipment and camping supplier in Los Angeles, has been partnering with the Aquatic Center for the past three years to offer a fun and safe outdoor water and camping experience to LAPD Devonshire PALS (PALS) children and their families. PALS is an after-school and weekend program for at-risk youth that builds positive relationships between them and the LAPD. Read more

HHD's 2017-18 CSUN Research Fellow: Stephan Kyusuk Chung

January 3, 2018

Stephan Kyusuk Chung

Stephan Kyusuk Chung is the 2017-18 CSUN Research Fellow from the College of Health and Human Development. He is devoting his Fellowship year to disseminating a landmark video he produced—all in Spanish with English subtitles—and conducting further research to help families get timely referrals to hospice when the time comes for end of life care for their loved one. The video was part of the project, “End of Life Care Options for Latinos”, a Latino community outreach project directed toward clinics and hospitals that serve predominantly Latino communities in Southern California. Read more

FCS Interior Design Students Score Two Awards at Competition

December 5, 2017

model shows off the students' creation

It cost a lot of sleep and time and incited a few nerves, but in the end, all the effort paid off.  Six HHD FCS students won the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) 2017 “Haunt Couture” award in the “animation” and “people’s choice” categories. The creative competition team was made up of interior design seniors Shadi Ahmadizadeh, Nicole Esper, Ana Leon Martinez, and Shahrzad Rabat, and apparel design and merchandising seniors Estefany Gallegos and Maria Juarez. The students based their design on the fire-breathing Pokémon character Charizard, an orange dragon with blue wings. Read more


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