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Magaram Center Uses Most Advanced Health Assessment Technology: Bod Pod

September 23, 2014

woman waits for bod pod door to close as technician prepares to do the assessment.

The Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics offers a modern health assessment tool for the campus and community to utilize. “The Bod Pod Gold Standard is the newest tool in body fat composition assessment technology," said Family and Consumer Sciences graduate student, and Bod Pod technician, Simona Hradil. The Health Assess Program (HAP) will use the Bod Pod to give athletes and the general public more accurate readings. “They not only know what goals to set for themselves, but also what goals to set for themselves nutritionally,” Hradil said. Read more

Kinesiology Students and Community Benefit from 100 Citizens Expansion

August 14, 2014

community members exercise at a local park

Since the 100 Citizens Program began in the city of San Fernando in 2011, it has evolved from a small group of 20 participants to one with more than 100 participants. Due to the program’s successful growth, 100 Citizens will be expanding to three additional Los Angeles parks in Sylmar, La Crescenta and Canoga Park, demonstrating the power of California State University, Northridge’s kinesiology students to make healthy community transformations. Read more

CSUN Offers Unique Motor Skills Program for Children

July 10, 2014

kinesiology graduate student coaches children in motor skills activity

Before enrolling in California State University, Northridge’s Sensory Motor Program, Doris Samayoa ’09 (Child and Adolescent Development) had never seen her twin boys playing soccer or any other sports together. Samayoa said most programs separate the 9-year-old twins because of their special needs. Her son, Zael, has cerebral palsy and his brother, Gael, is a typical child but “shy.” “Usually, I’ll take one to practice and the other has to sit and watch,” Samayoa said. “This program has brought them together and helped build their self-esteem.” Read more


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