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eLearning Innovations: Kaitlin Bahr's BioStatsBuddy

September 6, 2017

student talks about biostats buddy

Biostatistics is an academic hurdle all CSUN Health Sciences majors must overcome--it's a required course for all undergraduate degree programs in Health Sciences including Public Health, Health Administration, and Radiologic Sciences. Biostatics covers the principles, theory and practice of statistical analysis in health and students are taught how to use concepts in health planning, epidemiological research and experimental research. To ease the journey through the course, Health Sciences faculty Kaitlin Bahr created the app, BioStatsBuddy, to improve students' ability to solve equations, memorize formulas and better prepare for exams. Watch the video and: Read more

Matador Dad Jerry Tyree Grows from Spy Planes to Speech Clinics

July 6, 2017

jerry tyree

After many years of struggling with a severe speech impediment, Matador dad and longtime booster Jerry Tyree wants to honor the memory of Joseph G. Sheehan, the man who helped him keep his career—as well as all who saw past his affliction—by opening a stuttering clinic at CSUN. Thanks to Tyree's generosity, Stuttering Avoidance Reduction Group Therapy is now available at the Language, Speech and Hearing Center. Read more

Nurses Wellness Day Celebrates Balanced Living

June 15, 2017

art installation entitled "the pillars of life."

The American Nurses Association declared 2017 “The Year of the Healthy Nurse.”  Along these lines, the CSUN Nursing Alumni Association set out to fuse these two themes and organize a National Nurses Day event that would not only honor nurses, but would also inspire nurses to nourish wellness and balance in their lives. As the spring semester was winding down, a CSUN event for nursing alumni and faculty featured a series of speakers, an array of healthy foods, and the relaxing atmosphere of the Oasis Wellness Center. Read more


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