Deaf Studies

Interpreter Education Program

The application period for the Fall 2020 Interpreter Education Program (IEP) is now closed.

Information on the application process for the Fall 2021 IEP Cohort will be posted in February 2021. NOTE: If you are not a CSUN student and want to apply for the Fall 2021 IEP Cohort, you are also REQUIRED to apply to the university by November 2020. For more information about admission requirements/deadlines, please visit the university website for prospective students:

Fall 2021 Cohort


  • Must be a current/continuing CSUN student in good standing OR a prospective student who has applied to attend CSUN starting in Fall 2021 and are awaiting official acceptance.  NOTE: Prospective students are eligible to apply to the IEP Program and participate in the entire application/screening process.  However, admission/acceptance into the program will require official proof of acceptance to CSUN for Fall 2021.        
  • Completion of DEAF 281 (ASL IV) or equivalent with a grade of B or better.

NOTE: Completion of the following advanced ASL development courses is recommended but is NOT REQUIRED in order to apply and be considered for acceptance into the program: 

  • DEAF 350 (Principles of Sign Language Interpretation
  • DEAF 300 (Advanced ASL Conversation)
  • DEAF 370 (ASL/English Translation)


Applicants must:

  • Understand adult-level ASL discourse; and        
  • Have an above-average working vocabulary in ASL and English 


The application for the Fall 2021 Cohort with complete instructions/deadlines will be available in February 2021.  Continue to check this website for updates.