Educational Resources Committee

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Educational Resources Committee


This committee serves as the primary faculty advisory body to the Faculty Senate and the University's academic and fiscal leadership on matters associated with educational resources in the University budget, including, but not limited to the general fund budget, instructional resources, the academic support budget, the student support budget, and the institutional support budget. To carry out its charge, the committee shall be consulted by the Faculty Senate and University divisions to review, evaluate, and set priorities for use of funds related to education, and make general policy recommendations proactively guiding the allocation of fiscal and business matters related to education. Review and evaluation shall be done within a frame of educational equity and student success.

The committee shall review, evaluate and make recommendations on the planning for and allocation of: 

1. the equipment, technology, and other operating budget items that support instruction 
2. the annual Academic Affairs budget with- the Provost
3. the current and proposed allocation of faculty positions
4. the assignment and projected needs of support staff
5. the fiscal implications of pertinent planning documents related to educational resources
6. the campus-based fees that impact educational resources
7. the physical facilities and their maintenance that relate to educational resources
8. the resources needed to achieve the University's academic objectives
9. the work of faculty governance committees with educational resource implications
10. the proposals for non-traditional funding, like gifts, that impact educational resources

Additionally, at the request of an appropriate University committee or administrator, independently evaluate proposals for new programs with regard to their impact on the available educational resources of the University. Prospective policy recommendations will be provided to the Senate and subsequently to the President. 

— from ERC Bylaws

This committee shall consist of ten tenured members: eight members elected by the Senate and, thereafter, two members appointed by the President of the University. The committee shall have no more than two faculty members from one College or the library.



Committee Members
Name DepartmentElected byTerm Expires
David BoyajianCivil EngineeringSenate2024
Yi DingLibrarySenate2024
Elizabeth Sussman-DebachFamily and Consumer Sciences
Katherine StevensonMathematicsSenate2025
Greg Knotts (ERC Chair)Elementary EducationSenate2025
Holli TonyanPsychologySenate2024
Mirna SawyerHealth SciencesSenate2024
Yarma Velazquez-VargasChicano/a StudiesSenate2026
Lesley KraneArtPresidential Appointee2024
Christian TedeschiArtPresidential Appointee2024
Callie JuarezAcademic Resources and PlanningNon-Voting Executive SecretaryN/A
 Krystle CroninAcademic Resources and PlanningNon-Voting Recording SecretaryN/A