EOP Trivia

EOP Statewide

  1. EOP stands for Educational Opportunity Program.  
  2. EOP was established by Senate Bill 1072 in April of 1969.
  3. There is an Educational Opportunity Program in every California State University. For a total of 23 EOPs.
  4. EOP celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2019. See images of CSUN EOP's celebration.



  1. Before EOP was founded in the late 1960s, there were only a handful of African-American and Mexican-American students at San Fernando Valley State College, which is now known as California State University, Northridge.
  2. EOP was the catalyst for the creation of ethnic studies on campus. 
  3. EOP was created thanks to the courageous students, faculty and staff who fought for social justice and equality on campus.
  4. EOP encourages excellence, promotes equity and empowers historically low-income, educationally disadvantaged, first-generation college students.
  5. Common university practices such as peer-advising, mentoring, and tutoring, were first created by EOP.
  6. EOP uses innovative student-centered practices to promote student success at CSUN. These practices include: having a community of mentors, following EOP community values of RRAM and holistic and peer-advising. 
  7. EOP emphasizes on providing services to historically low-income, educationally disadvantaged, first-generation college students.
  8. EOP and the programs it houses (such as Resilient Scholars and Transitional Programs) rely on comprehensive and holistic interventions that maximize student potential.
  9. EOP Transitional Programs have developed long-term learning communities for the success of EOP freshmen.
  10. CSUN EOP is the only EOP statewide to have multiple transitional experience consisting of Residential Bridge, Commuter Bridge, Transfer Bridge and EOP FreshStart.
  11. The EOP Milt & Debbie Valera Resilient Scholars Program was established in 2009. Its mission is to empower foster youth at CSUN and is committed to helping students exiting the foster care system succeed.
  12. The Faculty Mentor Program (FMP), housed at the EOP Office (UN 205), is nationally and internationally recognized, the program provides mentor/mentee training through direct mentoring services and programs. 
  13. Each college (except College of Education) has a Student Services Center/EOP Satellite, which is partially funded by EOP.
  14. The Student Services Center/EOP Satellite was a concept initiated by EOP to ensure that ALL CSUN students receive the baseline, holistic student services needed to remain in school and graduate.
  15. EOP Exploratory Major Advisement is 100% funded by EOP and it serves Exploratory majors who are EOP, as well as continuing Exploratory majors admitted to CSUN prior to Fall 2019. 
  16. EOP is CSUN's only "student-centered" program.
  17. Every year, EOP Transitional Programs provides a transitional experience to over 400 incoming students.
  18. EOP partners with four ethnic studies departments (Asian American Studies, Central American Studies, Chicana/o Studies, and Africana Studies) for classes in our Bridge Programs.
  19. The CSUN DREAM Center, which offers resources for undocumented students and members of mixed-status families, was initially supported by EOP.
  20. The EOP has two mottos: “Making A Difference” and “Who Are We?!, EOP!”
  21. EOP’s colors are BLUE NAVY and GOLD.
  22. The EOP Commemorative Plaque was set in place in 2015 in honor of the courageous students, faculty and staff who fought for social justice and equality on campus. It was made possible by late EOP Director, José Luis Vargas, Professor Glenn Omatsu and the support of the CSUN administration.
  23. In 2007 EOP put in place a “time capsule” at the Ralph Prator Sundial Fountain. It will be opened in 2029, to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Educational Opportunity Programs at California State University, Northridge.
  24. In 2018, Jina Gonzalez, became EOP's Associate Director.


CSUN EOP Students and Staff Accomplishments

  1. Residential Bridge alumni, Marquis Williams, wrote a book about his foster care experience and struggles to graduate. The book is titled, “Beating the System: My Life in Foster Care.”  
  2. Commuter Bridge student Ashlee Mchenry wrote a poetry book titled, “Her Name Is Flo.”
  3. Former Bridge Professor and long-time supporter, Bridget Sampson, wrote a book called “Communications Secrets for Success” and also did a TEDxCSUN Talk
  4. EOP Bridge alum, David Angeles, was one of the recipients of the 2018 Outstanding Graduating Senior Award.
  5. EOP Bridge alumna, Roxxette Zepeda, was one of the recipients of the 2017 Outstanding Graduating Seniors Award.
  6. Sevetlana Pirjan, Director of the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication Student Resource Center/EOP received her doctorate of education from Pepperdine University in 2016.
  7. Nereida Garcia, EOP Advisor at the Health and Human Development Student Services Center/EOP received her doctorate of education from CSUN in 2017. 
  8. EOP Alumni include: Actor Danny Glover, KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez, Dr. William Watkins (Vice president for Student Affairs CSUN)
  9. Sean James, EOP Residential Bridge Alumnus, is now the EOP Director at CSU, Dominguez Hills.
  10. Some of our CSUN EOP Alumni working on campus: 
    • Jina Gonzalez – Associate Director, CSUN Educational Opportunity Program
    • James Henry – Academic Advisor
    • Frank Muniz – Director of EOP/TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSSP)
    • Ramon Muniz – Coordinator, EOP Outreach Efforts (Retired)
    • Claudia S. Richarte – Academic Advisor
    • Monica Turner – Long-time Bridge Programs Faculty & Africana Studies 
    • Jason Lumague – EOP Transitional Programs Coordinator
    • Orlando A. Roybal – Coordinator, EOP Milt & Debbie Valera Resilient Scholars Program at CSUN
    • Maria Valiton – Director, College of Engineering and Computer Science Student Services Center/EOP
    • Marvin Villanueva – Director, College of Humanities Student Services Center/EOP
    • Lesley Barajas – Academic Advisor for College of Humanities Student Services Center/EOP
    • Adriana Garcia Marin – Coordinator, Creating Pathways/Abriendo Caminos Program for transfer students
    • Ernesto Cruz – Academic Advisor
    • Blanca Samano – Academic Advisor for Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communications Student Resource Center/EOP
    • Albert Martinez – USU Board of Directors - Vice Chair Chair, Retirement Plan Committee
    • Rosie Martinez – EOP Admissions Support
    • Mike Villalobos – Circulation Services Supervisor/Access Services, CSUN Library 
    • Thomas Kollie - EOP Transitional Programs Assistant
    • Alejandro Casillas - EOP Transitional Programs Assistant

Other CSUN EOP Alumni:

  • Dr. Rashitta Brown-Elize - Dean, Counseling & Matriculation at Antelope Valley College (AVC)
  • Dr. Sean R. James – Director, EOP at CSU Dominguez Hills
  • Stephanie Moran – Coordinator, LA Family Housing
  • Dr. Susana Amezcua – Math Teacher and Athletic Director at Animo College Prep Academy

Know of more EOP Alumni that we should add to this list? Please email us.


Late EOP Director, José Luis Vargas Contributions

  1. José Luis Vargas was born in Mexico City.
  2. Mr. Vargas graduated from Belmont High School in Los Angeles, CA.
  3. Originally, Mr. Vargas did not expect to attend a 4-year University. His original plans after graduating high school was to get a job and to take a few courses in photography at a local community college. 
  4. Mr. Vargas was a guitar player and a photographer.
  5. Mr. Vargas’ high school Spanish teacher drove him and a few other of his peers to learn about the first Summer Bridge experience at CSUN, an opportunity that would change his life. 
  6. During his undergrad, Mr. Vargas was a research assistant for Dr. Rudy Acuña, who was then developing the curriculum for what would become the Chicana/o Studies Department.
  7. Mr. Vargas was a self-trained musician and co-founder of Conjunto Aztlan.
  8. Before becoming director of EOP, Mr. Vargas was the director of the Advising Resource Center/EOP.
  9. In 1999, José Luis Vargas was a recipient of a Don Dorsey Excellence in Mentoring Award.
  10. As EOP Director, Mr. Vargas helped expand EOP. Under his leadership, EOP Transitional Programs became long-term learning communities, he developed several programs and initiatives, such as the EOP Resilient Scholars Program, which provides services to former foster youth. EOP/Trio Student Support Services Program (SSSP) helps students develop skills to reach their academic and professional goals. And the Dream Center offers services for undocumented students. Every program emphasized his vision of mentoring and his commitment to being student-centered.
  11. Mr. Vargas also served as Chair of the CSU EOP Directors’ Association and worked closely with the CSU Chancellor’s Office to expand policies relating to EOP.
  12. Despite of his busy schedule, Mr. Vargas had an open door policy and always made time when an EOP student wanted to talk to him. 
  13. Mr. Vargas co-founded the Statewide EOP Directors Association.
  14. Mr. Vargas insisted in making EOP a "student-centered" program.
  15. Despite his soft spoken demeanor, Mr. Vargas was a fierce advocate for EOP and its students.
  16. Mr. Vargas was honored posthumously for 45 years of service to CSUN.
  17. Mr. Vargas enjoyed mixing awkward combinations of foods, one of his famous combinations was cheese cake with salsa and tortillas, oreos with nacho cheese.
  18. In 2015, Mr. Vargas with the help of a generous donation from Asian American Studies professor, Glenn Omatsu, created a monument honoring the courageous students, faculty and staff who fought for social justice and equality on campus in the late 1960s. The monument is located at the Ralph Prator Sundial Fountain, west of Bayramian Hall. Mr. Vargas was forever thankful to the students that believed in him and helped him access higher education.


EOP Senior Director, Shiva Parsa Contributions

  1. EOP Senior Director, Shiva Parsa was the creator of the EOP Bridge Values RRAM.
  2. Ms. Parsa currently serves as the chair of the EOP Statewide Directors Association.
  3. Ms. Parsa has been working with EOP for over 28 years. 
  4. Ms. Parsa is a CSUN Alumna.
  5. Ms. Parsa was appointed to serve on the Statewide Steering Committee for EOP’s 50th Anniversary Conference scheduled to happen in 2019.
  6. Ms. Parsa implemented a Parent/Guardian workshop in Residential Bridge. The workshop is designed to give an overview of CSUN EOP to student’s family.
  7. Ms. Parsa received a Don Dorsey Excellence in Mentoring Award in Fall 2008.