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CARE Mission Statement

CARE’s mission is to design and conduct evaluations of extramurally and intramurally funded projects for faculty, staff, and for campus units both administrative and academic; procure new extramural funds through grants and contracts; and provide assessment, research, and evaluation services and opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and the surrounding community.

CARE exists to:

  1. Support CSUN investigators in developing research designs and evaluation plans for proposals for external funding.
  2. Provide evaluation services for funded grants/contracts (i.e., external evaluation).
  3. Provide research implementation and analytic support for campus investigators.
  4. Provide assessment services to academic units (e.g., colleges, departments), centers, institutions, and personnel on campus (e.g., scale creation, dissemination, psychometric evaluation).
  5. Pursue external grant funds in the areas of assessment, research design, and evaluation.
  6. Pursue local, state, and federal contracts related to consulting, assessment, research implementation, and/or evaluation services.
  7. Provide professional development for faculty, students, and staff in the areas of assessment and evaluation research.
  8. Provide educational and training opportunities for students by participating in CARE research activities.