• Welcome to CARE

Welcome to CARE

Who we serve

CARE is here to support the CSUN Community in seeking out funding opportunities - big and small, internal and external. Our consultants and evaluators are faculty from across campus with a variety of expertise but with a single focus - to assist you on your funding journey.

As a campus center, we work with researchers across CSUN departments, colleges, and centers. We can assist with individual, interdisciplinary, and interdepartmental initiatives. We can provide administrative support as well as expertise in proposal writing, research design, and project evaluation.

If you represent an organization outside the CSUN community and need evaluators for your project or program, our team is also available to help.

How we help

Researchers and PIs

We can assist you from project inception to proposal submission to final report. Come talk to us if you:

  • HAVE A RESEARCH IDEA and need someone talk it through. We can help you come up with manageable, testable hypotheses, define project goals and/or design an evaluation plan.
  • NEED AN EVALUATOR. We can be either the internal or external evaluator on your project. We can also help develop, design, and/or implement your evaluation plan.
  • are WORKING ON A PROPOSAL. We can help with the evaluation component. We can also assist with grantsmanship by providing an unbiased review for clarity and consistency.
  • ALREADY HAVE DATA. We can help you come up with a plan to move forward with the analysis.
  • are DEVELOPING A SURVEY. We can help verify/validate the scales.

Learn more about our process and see our FAQs. You can also see a more complete and detailed list of our services.


Are you a CSUN student studying assessment and/or evaluation methods looking for opportunities to work on real world issues and projects? CARE is seeking students who can assist in carrying out our evaluation projects. Build your confidence and research skills with us.

Check out our student opportunities.

Campus Community

GET TRAINING - We can provide training sessions for your student and/or faculty team on basic evaluation and analysis tools and techniques. Reach out to us and we can discuss what you need.

FIND COLLABORATORS - Depending on the project, our team can work with you as a research partner and collaborator. We've also worked with faculty and centers across campus and may be able to suggest someone that has the expertise you're looking for. If you’re looking for a student who can assist with data collection or analysis, we may be able to recommend someone as well. Connect with us.

BRAINSTORM RESEARCH IDEAS - We can be a sounding board as you organize and develop a research idea you have bouncing around. We can provide expertise on creating manageable, testable hypotheses, defining project goals and/or designing an evaluation plan. Let's talk.

BECOME A CARE EVALUATOR - Do you have expertise in evaluation and/or assessment? Would you like to help other researchers with their project evaluation? Maybe you already do. CARE is looking for faculty who can work as consultants or evaluators on funded projects within and external to the CSUN community. We provide administrative support, so you can focus on the work. Find out more about faculty opportunities.

Off-campus Community

CARE also offers consulting and services in the areas of assessment, research implementation, and evaluation for community organizations outside the CSUN campus and community. Our consultants and evaluators are available to assist with funded programs in a variety of ways.

See a more detailed list of our services or reach out to us to discuss your project and find out how we can help.