Employment Application FAQs

For additional information on the application process or if you encounter any problem, please review the following list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us at

What is the best document type to attach?

The preferred method would be to attach a PDF document to your application. If a PDF document is not a viable option for you, please attach Word documents that do not include a table. 

The computer timed me out in the middle of an application, where is my application?

Your application may currently be in DRAFT form, meaning it has not been submitted. Once you log into the system you will need to click on the "Applications" link under My Career Tools. From there you will be able to click on the "Job Title" link of the application that you would like to complete. Next you will be able to Scroll Down, Fill-in and Review the information and click SUBMIT.

Please Note: If you attempt to view your applications by going back through the job posting, you’ll receive an error stating that you have already applied for the position. If you continue to have problems, please email with your Full Name and the Job ID/Title of the position. 

When I go to edit a draft it says I have 0 applications, where did my application go?

Please email with your Full Name and the Job ID/Title of the position. We will need to determine the cause and then we will promptly respond to ensure you have successfully applied to the position.

I did not receive an email confirmation when I submitted my application, did you receive it?

Please log back into CSUN's Careers homepage, open My Profile and verify your e-mail address is typed correctly OR check to see if your e-mail spam filter has placed the CSUN notification in a junk e-mail folder; add to your list of accepted senders. If you email with your Full Name and Job ID/Title, we will verify that you have successfully applied for the position and send you an e-mail response. 

Is there anyone to consult with regarding my application?

For questions regarding the application process please email and we will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have. 

Can I edit my resume once it has been uploaded?

No, you cannot edit a resume once it has been uploaded to the application. However, if you would like to revise a resume that is attached to your application, please email with your Full Name, Job ID/Title and an updated resume and we will replace it for you in your application. 

I forgot to attach my resume and my application is already submitted, what should I do?

Please email your resume to and we will attach it for you. 

Who do I address my cover letter to?

You can address your cover letter to "Hiring Committee." 

Is a cover letter required?

Including a cover letter is strongly encouraged, but usually not required unless stated in the job posting. Please check the "How to Apply" section under each job posting as requirements may vary.


A position is no longer posted on the website, is it still open?

Please email for the status of a job opening that is no longer posted, and we will respond with the most recent information concerning the position. 

I was interviewed for a position, when should I hear something back? Who should I contact?

Applicants who proceed through the interview stage will be notified by Recruitment Services after a final decision has been made. The interview-to-offer process may take up to several weeks to finalize. All information concerning the search is considered confidential. 

I've applied to many positions and have not received a call for an interview. Can someone give me advice?

We appreciate your interest in employment with the university and understand your frustration in securing employment in the current market. The market is highly competitive and we receive hundreds of applications for each search.

    1. If you meet the minimum qualifications as stated in our job announcement, your application is forwarded to the department.

    2. The department then reviews and makes the determination as to whom to interview.

    3. The department conducts the interviews and checks references as appropriate.

    4. Once a selection is made, it is submitted to Recruitment Services for approval and a job offer is made. The entire process can take some time, so please be patient, persistent and ensure that you are meeting the minimum qualifications for the positions you are applying to.

If you are a CSUN student or alum, please feel free to explore the services available through The Career Center at:  

What is the status of a position?

Applicants who have met the minimum qualifications for an open position are forwarded to the hiring department for consideration. Applicants who reach the interview stage will be notified by the hiring department and the application-to-interview process may take up to several weeks to complete. All information is considered confidential after submitting application materials to Recruitment Services. 

A job was re-posted; do I need to apply again?

If you have already applied to an open position, the system will only allow you to apply once to a particular job opening ID number. If you meet the minimum qualifications for the position, the hiring department will still consider your initial application. 

The system will not let me enter my education; it keeps giving me an error message when I enter the information.

If you are having trouble finding your school, you can enter it (and your major if applicable), in the "Other" text fields directly right of the School/Major "drop down" lists. Please ensure you enter the state, degree, issue date, and if you graduated as some of these fields are required. You can enter another entry by clicking the yellow "Add More" button. Make sure to "Save and Return" once you are finished. 

What is the best way to attach additional documents to my application?

In the application, please find the "Cover Letter and Attachment" section. Here, you can attach any relevant documentation to you application by clicking on the "Add Additional" plus sign.

Who is considered an internal applicant?

Internal applicants are current employees in regular full or part-time management/staff positions at CSUN. Internal applicants also include students working as student assistants, work study students or instructional support students. Employees of auxiliary units (Associated Students, The University Corporation and University Student Union) are external, not internal, applicants (see below). If you are an internal applicant, please view jobs and apply through the portal.

Who is considered an external applicant?

External applicants include current employees of auxiliaries (Associated Students, The University Corporation or University Student Union) and any other individual not currently employed by California State University, Northridge. 

Does the online job application process include faculty positions?

No; the online application process is for non-faculty management/staff positions only. Individuals seeking a faculty position will continue to apply through Faculty Affairs

I'm an External Applicant. How do I login for the first time?

External applicants will be directed from the External New and Returning Job Seeker’s link to the new user registration page. Once you have created a user name and password and completed your profile, you will be able to login and apply. 

I'm an Internal Applicant. How do I login?

Internal applicants log directly into the portal, using their existing myNorthridge Portal login user ID and password. Once logged in, internal applicants locate the Human Resources/Employee pagelet and click on "View Job Openings/Apply."