Catastrophic Leave

Donated leave credits are used to cover a staff/faculty member's absence due to a catastrophic illness/injury, or to care for an immediate family member who has suffered a catastrophic illness/injury.

Who is Eligible to Receive Catastrophic Leave Donations? 

To be eligible for Catastrophic Leave, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Staff/faculty must be eligible to earn vacation and/or sick leave. Available balances can be checked through the CSUN portal myNorthridge > Human Resources/Employee > View My Absence Balances.

  2. The staff/faculty member must be on an approved Leave of Absence. Go to How to Request a Leave of Absence (Staff) or How to Request a Leave of Absence (Faculty)

  3. The illness or injury must totally incapacitate you from work. Verification will be based on the CSUN Certification of Health Care Provider form.  Conditions which are short-term by nature, including cold, flu, or minor injuries, are not generally deemed catastrophic.  

  4. If eligible, the applicant must be approved for Non-industrial Disability Insurance (NDI), Industrial Disability Leave (IDL) or Temporary Disability (TD) benefits.

  5. The applicant must have exhausted all accrued sick, vacation, personal holiday, and CTO credits.  Please refer to the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement

Who may donate sick/vacation time?

Staff and faculty members may donate sick leave or vacation credits to an eligible CSUN staff/faculty member.

What are the limits for donating leave time?

Leave donations are subject to Collective Bargaining Agreements. Current contracts delineate the following donation limitations per fiscal year:

Bargaining/Administrative UnitMax. HoursBargaining/Administrative UnitMax. Hours

Unit 1 - Physicians


Unit 6 - Skilled Crafts


Unit 2 - Health Care Support


Unit 7 - Administrative/Clerical Support


Unit 3 - Faculty


Unit 8 - Statewide University Police Association (SUPA)


Unit 4 - Academic Support


Unit 9 -Technical Support


Unit 5 - Operations/Support Services


MPP - Management/Confidential




R11 - Teaching Assistants Only


  1.  To donate leave time, complete the Pledge for Donation of Leave for Catastrophic Illness form and submit it to Payroll Administration, Mail Code 8229, University Hall 165.

  2.  Donations to a staff or faculty member are limited to vacation or sick time. Donations to a staff or faculty member’s immediate family is limited to vacation time only.

  3.  Leave credits donated but not used by the ill/injured employee will be credited back to the donor.

  4.  After receipt of Form OHRS 30-79, the Office of Human Resources, Benefits Administration will verify eligibility and notify the applicant’s department and Payroll Administration.

  5.  The recipient’s department will solicit leave credit donations on his/her behalf. The Office of Human Resources, Benefits Administration will assist the department with the solicitation process as needed.

How are Catastrophic Leave donations credited and tracked?

  1. Individuals wishing to donate vacation/sick time complete Form Pledge for Donation of Leave for Catastrophic Illness (OHRS 1-8), and submit it to Payroll Administration. Once donations have been pledged, the donor may not rescind the pledge.

  2. Once the donor’s time has been utilized, the donor and the department timekeeper are notified via email by Payroll Administration of the usage.

  3. During the solicitation process, Payroll Administration regularly updates both the employee and his/her supervisor on the number of hours which have been covered by donations.

Under what circumstances may I use Catastrophic Leave donations to care for a family member?

  1. The term “immediate family member” is defined in the sick leave provisions of the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  2.  The staff/faculty member must be on an approved Leave of Absence.

  3. The employee must have exhausted all his/her accrued vacation, personal holiday, CTO, and sick leave credits, which may be used for family care in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

  4. The CSUN Certification of Health Care Provider must be completed by the family member’s physician and submitted to

What are the limits for use of Catastrophic Leave?

  1. Donated leave shall normally not exceed the amount necessary to continue pay for three months, calculated from the first day of catastrophic leave use.

  2. The President or designee may approve up to an additional three months for exceptional situations, which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Donated time may not be used beyond a temporary staff or faculty’s appointment expiration date.