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The Office of Academic Assessment and Program Review has collaborated with Academic Resources and Planning and Institutional Technology to develop the OnBase platform, an archiving system for departmental program review materials. The purpose of having OnBase is for each department (that goes through CSUN program review) to have a digital archive of its program review materials. This resource will not be used for externally accredited programs that do not go through CSUN program review. OnBase was beta tested by a number of CSUN departments going through program review during 2018-2019.

Each department’s archive is available only to department members who are approved for and given access. This includes the Chair of the department and any faculty identified by the Chair as needing access for their program review work. An introduction to the OnBase system will be provided at the annual spring launch meeting for programs that are beginning their program review process. Access for chairs of departments beginning their program review cycle in the Fall will be granted in the spring prior to the launch meeting. Past program review files have been transferred over to OnBase so programs and departments are able to look at what has been done in previous reviews.

Program Review files stored in OnBase for ease of retrieval are:

One (1)


Two (2)

External Review Schedules

Three (3)

External Reviewer Reports

Four (4)

Final MOU's

Five (5)

Continuous Improvement Report


The OnBase program review digital archive will be managed by the Office of Academic Assessment and Program Review. The Program Review coordinator will be your direct point of contact should you have questions at any point.


Can stored files in OnBase be edited?

No, program review files in OnBase are strictly for the purpose of keeping an archive of past external program reviews so programs/departments up for review can be able to reference back on, if they would like.

There are additional documents I would like access to from a previous program review that I don't see in OnBase. Where can I access those files?

The files in OnBase are documents that were deemed helpful to reference back that would be conducive to a successful upcoming program review. Any documents not in OnBase, that you think would be helpful to your program review, would have to be accessed directly through the program/department.

  • Self Study and Appendices
  • External Reviewers Report
  • Final MOU and Distribution Cover Letter
  • Supplements
  • Follow-Up (Continuous Improvement reports)

How do I get access to the OnBase platform?

Access to the OnBase platform will be granted prior to the launch meeting in the Spring before the program review year of the department/program. The department chair or program director will have access, along with faculty they choose to have access. Access will be removed once the department/program completes their program review, which will happen after the final MOU and Memorandum of Completion letter are distributed.

What is the benefit of having files stored in OnBase?

Files can be easily accessed online, and no need to keep paper copies in your offices. This makes files easily accessible for anyone else needing access to them, including department leaders' successors.

Can any programs/departments view files from other programs/departments?

No, access to programs and departments is limited by program/department. Chairs/faculty could potentially have access to multiple programs/departments if they have direct involvement and will be working on their program reviews.

Who can I contact if I am having issues navigating through or accessing files on OnBase?

Please ensure you have reviewed the OnBase user guide applicable to your system, computer system. PC users should refer to the Windows-based user guide, and MAC users should refer to the web-based user guide.

For help navigating through the OnBase system, you may contact the Academic Assessment and Program Review office at (818) 677-6717 or. For technical questions involving your computer and/or printer itself and not relating to access within the OnBase platform, please refer to your department's assigned IT team.