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The AS Marketing Department is responsible for promoting the mission, vision, reputation and brand of Associated Students through media relations, publications, video production and Web communications.

Marketing Request Forms

Event Marketing Request

This request is for Events only. Examples include Big Show, Sports-A-Palooza, Camp Matador, Earth Fair, etc.
Please do not use this form for general print/web/digital/general requests. Please use the General Marketing Request Forms below to submit requests for brochures, fliers, forms, sign, etc. not related to an event.

General Marketing Request

These request forms are for marketing not related to an event OR are for additional request to add to an existing project already on Basecamp.
Examples include, general promo, forms, signs, apparel, etc.

Other Request

Identity/Logo Resources

For department logos, letterheads, powerpoint templates and email signature visit the CSUN AS Identity and Branding Resources page.