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BS in Accountancy

The accounting program porvides educational opportunities to those students who have demonstrated an aptitude to pursue a career in accounting. The Accountancy program is a very demanding, competitive, and rigorous course of study that develops an understanding of accounting theory, technical procedures, and the professional standards and ethics essential to becoming a successful professional in public, industry, government, and not-for-profit accounting. The program also develops skills in critical thinking, problem solving, written and oral communication, and decision making, in addition to developing the necessary tools to engage in lifelong learning after graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of their program of study, students should:

  • Have a conceptual understanding of accounting for external financial reporting, managerial applications, tax planning and preparation, and the attest function;
  • Apply their conceptual understanding to both structured and unstructured problems;
  • Research accounting literature for both structured and unstructured problems in external financial reporting, tax and auditing;
  • Have the necessary knowledge and skills required to sit for a certifying examination;
  • Recognize and analyze ethical problems in practical accounting situations, select and defend a course of action;
  • Effectively communicate complex accounting concepts both orally and in writing; and
  • Apply critical-thinking skills when analyzing and solving problems.

Option in Professional Accountancy

Program Requirements

Graduation Plan

Option in Information Systems

Program Requirements

Graduation Plan