TUC Licensing

Event Venue & Facility Rentals


We are now taking facility rental requests from external clients. The Licensing Office will review your request to ensure it aligns with current campus and county restrictions in relation to Covid-19. In the meantime,  kindly visit CSUN’s COVID-19 website for further university-related information. Please submit rental inquiries to Kimberly Arenas at 88-677-6572 /

For filming related inquiries, please contact Meisha Angelini at 818-677-2628/

The following campus facilities are available for use by student, faculty, outside organizations, community organizations and the general public. Click here to view our policies on facility rentals and use. 

Select Locations below to view images and rental rates.

Athletic Facilities

Classrooms & Auditoriums

Extended Learning Building

Open Space & Gardens



University Student Union (filming only)

CSUN faculty, hosting events that involve outside organizations
Please contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2628 or (818) 677-6572.

Community organizations and private individuals
Please contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2628 or (818) 677-6572.

Events involving exclusively CSUN faculty, staff or students
Please contact the Matador Involvement Center at (818) 677-5111

News Events or Documentaries
Please contact the Public Relations Office at (818) 677-2130