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Academic Resources & Planning


The Department of Academic Resources and Planning is comprised of professional staff whose primary functions include budget planning and management, academic space planning, and room reservations. 

The Academic Resources and Planning team provides Support for the activities of faculty, staff, and students.  Its Services include:

preparing and monitoring the annual budget for the Division of Academic Affairs, working with the colleges to develop annual enrollment targets, managing divisional contingency funds, ensuring fiscal solvency of the Division, managing the divisional planning process, preparing financial reports for and managing the accounts of units within Academic Affairs Administration, coordinating academic space and facility planning, assisting the Provost with staff human resources functions and planning for faculty hiring, ensuring compliance with fiscal and human resources policies and procedures, assisting with development of new financial and human resources systems, and acting as liaison with the Division of Administration and Finance. The team also coordinates the activities of the Academic Resources Council, the University Financial Analysts Group, and the Event Coordinators Committee. The Associate Vice President for Academic Resources and Planning provides administrative leadership to the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing and the Classroom Technology Committee and serves as Executive Secretary for the Educational Resources Committee of the Faculty Senate (ERC).

The Academic Scheduling desk manages 205 open lecture rooms, two conference rooms in Valera Hall, and the Whitsett Room in Sierra Hall.

In cases where existing support and services are not sufficient, the Academic Resources and Planning team helps develop Solutions that ensure stewardship of resources and effective business practices.