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iPad 101: The Basics - iOS 4.3

Step 5: Create an iTunes Account/Apple ID.

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This next step covers three main items which will basically be done at the same time – creating an iTunes account, verifying the account and installing your first free app.

You should be on the main iPad screen (Fig. 5). If not, press the Home button.

From here, tap on the Safari icon (Fig. 27) safari icon found in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

Tap on the URL window to select it.

Type www.freeipadapps.net/reviews/appstart-for-ipad (Fig. 28) web page for free apps.

Tap on the Go key on the keyboard (Fig. 29) go key when done.

This app – AppStart For iPad – provides basic information about using the iPad. More information can be found on the webpage. For now, tap on the Free Download image (Fig. 30). free download image

You will be taken to the download page for the app (Fig. 31). AppStart download screen


These next steps may seem to take you around in circles, however they need to be done in the indicated order. In overview, you will try to install the app. You will end up creating and verifying your iTunes Account / Apple ID before you will finally be able to install the app. This entire procedure will only need to be done once. Any subsequent download may only need you to enter your password.

Next, you want to try to download and install the app. Do this by first tapping on the FREE button (Fig. 32) free button and then the INSTALL APP (Fig. 33) install app button button.

Normally, this would install the app on your iPad. However, because you have not set up your iTunes/Apple ID account, you will get the following screen (Fig. 34).create account screen

As previously mentioned, these instructions assume that a new account will be created with no credit card assigned to it.

Tap on Create New Apple ID (Fig. 34). This will begin the process to create an account that uses an email address that has not been previously used for an iTunes/Apple Account.

On the first screen, accept the default (United States) as the country and tap on Next. You will need to accept the License Agreement. Do this by swiping from the bottom to the top bottom to top arrow in order to move the screen to the bottom of the License Agreement. Tap on Agree and then on Agree again.


You will now be on the screen (Fig. 35) account creation 1 that allows you to create your account.

Email: Use an email address that you have never used for an iTunes/Apple ID account. You might want to use your CSUN UserID as your email address (example busoit@csun.edu).

Password: Create a password to be used for this account. It needs to be at least 8 characters, with at least one capital letter, one number and one special character (example: #, !, $, etc.)

Verify: Re-type your new password

Question/Answer: Provide a question/answer combination that will be used to authenticate you in case you ever forget your password.

Date of birth: Specify your birth date (Fig. 36). This information will be used to authenticate you in case you forget your password. It may also be used to verify that you are of legal age for some items.

account creation 2

If you choose to subscribe to any of the Apple emails, use your finger to swipe the switch to the ON position.

Tap on Next to continue your account creation.

The next screen (Fig. 37) billing information has to do with billing information when you buy apps. As previously mentioned, you will create this account without an associated credit card. To do this, tap on Visa and choose None by tapping on it.

Continue filling out the fields for the Billing Address (Hint: Use CSUN’s address), swiping from bottom to top bottom to top arrow as needed.

When done, tap on Next.

When you have successfully created your account, you will see the following screen (Fig. 38) which tells you that you will need to verify your email address. Tap Done.

To verify your iTunes/Apple account, you will need to go into your email account. You can do this by either using your computer or the iPad.

If you choose to use the iPad, press on the Home button. Tap on the Mail icon which is next to the Safari icon along the bottom of the screen. Swipe down top to bottom arrow until you see the email from Apple.

Once you see the email, click/tap on Verify Now. You will be taken to Apple’s website. Type in your new account information (Apple ID and password) and click/tap on Verify Address. You will see a verified screen.

Now that your account has been created and verified, you are ready to download the AppStart app.

On the iPad, make sure that you are in Safari (you may need to press the Home button to get to the main iPad screen and then tap on Safari).

Go to the Free iPad Apps website (www.freeipadapps.net/reviews/appstart-for-ipad - Fig. 28).

Tap on the Free Download image (Fig. 30).

Once you see the download page, tap on FREE (Fig. 32) and INSTALL APP (Fig. 33). When asked to Sign In, tap Use Existing Apple ID (Fig. 39). use existing apple ID Type in the Apple ID that you just created along with its password (Fig. 40). sign in Tap on OK when done.
(Note: You may see an “Edit Home Screen” window. Tap on Dismiss.

The app should now begin to download and install (Fig. 41). App install


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