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This information applies to pages in the CSUN template system. Windows-press ALT + an access key. Macintosh-press CTRL + an access key.

The following access keys are available:

Office of Information Technology


iPad 101: The Basics - iOS 4.3

Step 2: Connect to the CSUN Wireless Network.

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The first thing to do is to connect the iPad to the CSUN wireless network (csun_wpa2). To do this, tap once on the Settings icon (Fig. 6). settings icon

You will see a list of settings (Fig. 7). settings screeen

On the left side of the screen, tap on Wi-Fi (Fig. 8).wi-fi screen

On the right side of the screen, the switch should be on the ON position (Fig. 9).switch

If not, use your finger to slide the switch to the right so that it goes from the OFF to the ON position. After a few seconds, you will see a list of available wireless networks (Fig. 10).available wireless networks

Tap to select “csun_wpa2" (Fig. 11). select csun_wpa2

You will be asked to provide a Username and Password (Fig. 12).credential request

This is the same information used to access the Portal (Hint: Use your UserID, not email address).

Once you’ve typed in your Username (same as UserID), tap on the Password field to move to it. Enter your information. Once finished, tap the Join key (Fig. 13) join keyon the keyboard. You will be prompted to accept a certificate that has not been verified. Tap on Accept (Fig. 14). certificate acceptance

Once completed successfully, you will be taken back to the Wi-Fi Networks settings screen (Fig. 10). You are now set up with wireless access.





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