SED 619 Projects

  1. Personal Website
  2. Collaborative Resources
  3. Website Design
  4. Layout & CSS
  5. Telecommunications
  6. Multimedia
  7. Project Design
  8. Graphic Design
  9. Data & Analysis

Science Teaching Series

Internet Resources

I. Developing Scientific Literacy

II. Developing Scientific Reasoning

III. Developing Scientific Understanding

IV. Developing Scientific Problem Solving

V. Developing Scientific Research Skills

VI. Resources for Teaching Science

Data Analysis

(1) Spreadsheets

(2) Spreadsheet/Database Development Create a spreadsheet of data that may be used to teach a particular topic, or present specific information: (analyze experimental data, compute and analyze student grades, develop a budget for a department, etc.). Your spreadsheet should include 10 or more different functions (mathematical, logic, statistical, etc.) with more than 50 data cells. Develop text describing how this file should be used.

(3) Graphing: Create three or more different types of graphs that illustrate concepts you are trying to teach (e.g. market performance for a variety of mutual funds, results from a science experiment, etc.)

(4) Document Merging Create a database of relevant data or use an existing file. Create a word processing document which will serve as the template into which the data base will be merged. Merge the data base with the word processing document as a "catalog" merge.

(5) Searching your site

(6) Forms / cgi*

(7) Composite news page