New Student Orientation Leadership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a New Student Orientation leader! Learn about being an orientation leader, what this experience can mean to you and the opportunity to gain new skills, and meet other potential orientation leaders.

New Student Orientation Staff

Each year, the Office of Student Involvement and Development selects a group of mature and dedicated undergraduate and graduate leaders to assist with the implementation of the New Student Orientation program during the 2014 calendar year. Orientation leaders serve as mentors for new students who are making the transition from their previous environments to California State University, Northridge through

  • Leading groups throughout the days of orientation;
  • Facilitating discussions;
  • Engaging new students in Welcome All Matador events and activities;
  • Helping new students transition to CSUN; and
  • Assisting new student in navigating the campus and its resources.

The program offers a multi-tiered system, which encourages multiple years of involvement based on an individual's growth and development. Students can find themselves becoming involved as an orientation leader, Matador mentor (returners), TAKE cast member and an orientation coordinator

More than 100 orientation leaders are hired in this unique and rewarding experience that encourages personal and professional growth and receive

  • Priority registration;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Leadership retreat;
  • Transferable leadership skills;
  • Multi-cultural awareness; and
  • Enhanced communication skills.

Information Sessions

There are no information sessions scheduled at this time. Please check back on this page for upcoming dates, times and locations.

We will be discussing what will be expected of you as a New Student Orientation leader and what you can expect from us, your orientation team. Be ready to ask any questions you have regarding orientation as we are ready to answer them all. We look forward to meeting you!


Orientation Leader

Thank you for your interest in becoming a New Student Orientation leader! We are currently accepting applications for our 2015 New Student Orientation Leadership Team. Please self-enroll to our Moodle course - "New Student Orientation - Leadership" - to begin your application process. You may self-enroll by following the steps below:

1) Sign into Moodle via moodle.csun.edu.

2) Once signed into Moodle, please search for "New Student Orientation - Leadership" in the search box. Once the search results are shown, click on "New Student Orientation - Leadership."

3) When prompt, please insert "nso2015" as the enrollment key under Orientation Leader Applicants.

4) Once successfully enrolled to "New Student Orientation - Leadership," please complete the following to complete your application.

Should you find any issues with enrolling into our course, or if you have questions regarding the application, please e-mail the Office of Student Involvement & Development at or call 818-677-4100.

Matador Mentor

Thank you for your interest in the Matador Mentor leadership program. Our application process is not open at this time, please check back with us at a later time.

Please note: Only students who have served as an NSO leader in prior years are eligible to apply to become a Matador Mentor.

TAKE Cast Member

Thank you for your interest in the TAKE leadership program. Our application process is not open at this time, please check back with us at a later time.


  • Meet new people and create new friendships
  • Leadership and diversity training
  • Valuable networking connections with faculty and staff
  • Familiarity with the campus and resources
  • Impact new students' first year experience and serve as a mentor
  • Gain public speaking skills
  • A better sense of CSUN pride
  • Priority registration


  • Academic commitment of a 2.5 GPA
  • Dependability for all required dates during the spring semester, summer sessions and fall semester
  • Desire to serve as a mentor to new students and peers
  • Approachability: Be open to views, ideas and opinions that differ from one's own


The goal of New Student Orientation is to support the continuous process of integrating new students into the academic, cultural and social context of CSUN.

  • Four leadership trainings
  • New Student Orientation program events
  • Welcome All Matadors events (President's Picnic and Freshman Convocation)
  • Office hours (amounts may vary pending on semester and years)

Commencement: Each leader must participate in at least three ceremonies as an usher during commencement.