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TAKE Program and Cast

Now in its 29th year of production, TAKE is a stage performance that includes four skits surrounding issues prevalent to CSUN students. Ten diverse students perform at New Student Orientation (NSO) for freshmen about topics such as relationships, body, prejudice and overall student transition, are focused on through the lens of . In supporting the overall missions and goals set forth by our institution, our division, our department and the NSO program, the TAKE performance promotes university resources and services through real-life situations and scenarios as experienced by our cast members.

Annually assessed by our own campus, the nationally recognized TAKE program is an innovative and well-positioned platform where new students learn about supportive structures at CSUN to help ensure their success in college.



Past TAKE Directors

Name: Sabrina Aguilar

Class Standing: Senior

Adaptability | Developer| Responsibility | Restorative | Achiever


My name is Sabrina Aguilar, current TAKE Director for this year, and I am honored to introduce to all of you, the TAKE XXVIII Cast. The TAKE Program, now in its 28th year of production, is a remarkable journey that has impacted and enhanced the lives of countless individuals. Among many other things, this program is designed to open up student’s eyes to the challenges and issues they might face, or be exposed to, during their time in college.

Understandably, the transition into college can be a big one! It is through the TAKE performance that we explore specific issues head on by giving the students a voice up on the stage. They are given a tangible reality to the stories and circumstances that have affected other CSUN students in the past; issues regarding relationships, body, prejudice, and other transitional occurrences that will all be addressed during the Orientation day!

This program, however, is only as successful as the students and staff that put it together. This year ten amazing individuals will embark on a nine-month journey with the hopes of getting their story out there for incoming students to hear and learn from. They enter the program as strangers, and mature into a family. Through this journey, the TAKE cast will be challenged individually and as a group, and through this struggle they will generate a dynamic performance that will truly leave students moved and hopefully open and excited to start their CSUN life!

Past TAKE Cast Members

Name: Janna Ayvazyan

Class Standing: Senior 

Achiever| Consistency| Adaptability | Deliberative | Responsibility

My personal mission is to live life to the fullest. I find that most times I tend to take things for granted, but instead I want to appreciate everything that I have. I want to be able to take risks, do things I wouldn't normally do, and discover myself without the fear of being judged or caring what others think. By valuing positivity, I hope I can evolve the negatives in life into more positives. Even though I don't know my exact path in life or where I am headed, I've realized that not everyone has the same path, and the path of others is not meant to be followed. Your path in life can redirect you in a blink of an eye, but is important to accept and appreciate every moment, learn from those moments, and grow as much as possible.


Name: Erica Borja

Class Standing: Sophomore

Positivity| Restorative| Activator | Woo| Learner

My personal mission is to live a life that benefits others and me through powerful selfderived passion. I have a deep appreciation for every new set of eyes I meet and every story behind them. This has led me to believe that success is never accomplished alone and I continue to have a love for community, togetherness, and teamwork. I acknowledge that I never accomplish success alone and I take pride in sharing gratitude. No matter how grand or how simple, I hold appreciation for my blessings very highly. Through every new struggle, I am grateful, because it is another chance for growth. At the end of the day, I believe that individuals are remembered not for what a piece of paper says, but for the people they are, the actions they take on, and for the kindness they live.


Name: Lorenzo Gak

Class Standing: Sophomore

Positivity| Adaptability| Activator |Consistency| Includer

My daily mission is to give and to inspire, for giving is what I do best, I want to give unselfishly to the community, while trying to inspire others to be successful. I value my family, close friends, life, adventure and new experiences. I will always be supportive and loyal to loved ones and assist them with any endeavors they may have. I live day- to-day like it will be my last because life taught me it can end in a flash. My personal mission in life to travel and be able to experience the eight wonders of the world and learn about other cultures. I believe in staying positive and up-tempo because it will help me stay ambitious in my journey through life.


Name: Erron Jackson-Thomas

Class Standing: Senior

Positivity | Relator | Consistency | Activator | Communication

Hey Everyone!

My name is Erron and I am a senior majoring in Public Health here at CSUN. After seeing TAKE my freshman year, I realized that CSUN would be a place where I was accepted and could soon call my home away from home. It inspired to make a difference not only within myself but to other African-American and LGBT students who may have had to face similar challenges as I did. My goal is to be able to effectively help students realize their full potential and challenge themselves to think critically about issues pertaining to them and their surrounding community. I want to let our stories show you that their is always more to a person that what meets the eye and if I am able to touch one person similarly to the way TAKE touched me, then I have done my job. Always remember, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” -Audrey Hepburn


Name: Jacob Kim

Class Standing: Junior

Achiever | Communication| Responsibility| Relator| Competition

My personal mission in life is to simply live. I live so that I can learn. I learn so that I can understand. I understand so that I can find myself. And with myself, I strive to make sure that I am a better person tomorrow than I am today. Like everyone else in this world, expectations are placed on me, both good and bad. However, I will not let these expectations determine how I act or who I become. I want to help those who ask for it, love those who need it, guide those who are lost, and smile with those who have a reason to smile. I would like to travel and appreciate the cultures, foods, and views the world has to offer. I wouldn’t mind consistency in everyday life but it is in the abnormal that I truly find out who I am. I will work hard for those who support me and I look forward to the experiences that life has to offer.


Name: Nicole Kovach

Class Standing: Senior

Relator| Achiever| Learner |Communication| Competition

My mission in life is to always strive for more by creating new dreams and goals for myself. I constantly try to be the best version of myself each and every day; to me this means competing with who I was yesterday in order to be a better person today. I value new learning opportunities and overcoming challenges. I value helping those around me both through my future medical profession and helping others become the best version of themselves. I want to push down boundaries and breakdown walls; I want my drive and determination to positively impact others in feeling accepted and loved.


Name: Kenia Lopez

Class Standing: Sophomore

Focus | Achiever| Maximizer |Significance| Communication

My personal mission in life is to inspire others to dream without limits, and not let their past define who they are. We often have to go through rough paths that make it harder for us to reach our goals. However, I strongly believe that if you make those disadvantages your sole motivation, you will always have the drive in your heart to be the best version of yourself. I value people that are consistent, loyal, and hard working that don’t give up on their dreams. I want to show freshmen and everyone around me that their current situation is not their final destination.


Name: Brennen Pregibon

Class Standing: Junior

Includer | Analytical |Communication| Competition | Activator

My life's journey is simply to find myself and be myself. At the end of the day I simply want to be happy. I want to pursue experiences that will be beneficial to me, and the people around me. I want to surround myself with those that enrich my life and can contribute to the journey in which I call my life. I find joy in the smiles and laughs of others that surround me. I strive to stand as a role model, someone that others will look up to for guidance and confide in. I vow to myself that I will constantly renew myself of the being the person that I want to be, someone that is respectful to others and accepting of their different views and opinions. I hope to give future first-time- freshman this exact mindset and I am excited for this new experience.


Name: Lucy Rodriguez

Class Standing: Junior

Achiever| Learner| Communication |Positivity| Significance

My personal mission in life is to strive to become a person that believes it is important to stand up for yourself, to stand firm in what you believe in and to find self-confidence in the person you are. With my charismatic personality, I want to be able to help people to be comfortable of the person they are and acknowledge their attributes. I strive to be a person that understands that the first step in life is accepting who you are. Understanding that my struggles have guided me to become the person that I am today and continue to become. I have always look at life as a chance of opportunities and outcomes that have either helped you or knocked you down, but in the end it is your choice how you choose to get back up. I would like those to always remember the following; "It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change and understand that the first step is acceptance, and only with acceptance there can be recovery."


Name: Lauren Vigil

Class Standing: Junior

Strategic| Learner| Ideation |Adaptability| Input

My personal mission is fluid and ever changing, as I grow and experience new things and new people my perceptions of the world are widened and what I hope to become and accomplish further mold me. I am at my best when I am motivated to help others and to help myself to enter a better state of being. I hope to one day be employed in a field that I can not only better the knowledge I have of my own existence but of others as well. I value knowledge and using that knowledge to help others. My most important future contribution to others will, I hope to be, that through my own endeavors I cannot only help to better myself but that I can also influence and inspire those far and away that are questioning if their dreams and passions don't fit the norm. I am on a mission to acquire knowledge and to use that knowledge to shape myself and, in turn, shape the world.