TAKE Program and Cast

The TAKE Program

Now in its 27th year of production, TAKE is a stage performance that includes four skits surrounding issues prevalent to CSUN students. Twelve diverse students perform at New Student Orientation (NSO) for freshmen about topics such as relationships, body abuse, prejudice and overall student transition, are focused on through the lens of . In supporting the overall missions and goals set forth by our institution, our division, our department and the NSO program, the TAKE performance promotes university resources and services through real-life situations and scenarios as experienced by our cast members.

Annually assessed by our own campus, the nationally recognized TAKE program is an innovative and well-positioned platform where new students learn about supportive structures at CSUN to help ensure their success in college.

The Educational Journey

Beyond the captivating one and a half hour performance and small group facilitation that follows, this program has an incredibly detailed and educational facet that the TAKE cast members go through prior to launching their product to the freshman audience.

Through the Office of Student Involvement and Development and under the supervision of Christopher Aston, assistant director for new student programs, the TAKE cast undergoes a lengthy developmental process that occurs throughout the spring and summer. As TAKE director, I have the opportunity to facilitate this journey through educational trainings, research projects, workshops and thoughtful discussions surrounding the four educational topics that TAKE presents. The cast will use information learned through this process, as well as their personal experiences, to help illuminate skit material and build out expected student learning outcomes for freshmen to experience at orientation.