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Recent News

CSUN Fashion Show Winner Designs Displayed at Bloomingdales

November 21, 2013

Amparo Maru
The TRENDS Student Fashion Show each spring is always a great opportunity for our students to make CSUN shine. They design and create all the clothes, hire the models, and produce the show from start to finish. This year's first prize winner, Amparo Maru, received the honor of having her collection displayed for two weeks this month in-store at Bloomingdales, Sherman Oaks. Take a look at Amparo Maru's intriguing designs.
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How to Keep Your Voice Healthy

November 21, 2013

voice coach works with student

Our voices. We use them to speak, sing, laugh, cry, moan and sigh. Our voices provide so much information about us. We often use expressions like, “You sound tired,” or “I could hear it in his voice.” For the majority of us, our voices are how we present ourselves to the world. And yet, we so often take them for granted. We overuse, sometimes misuse and abuse them until they are injured, becoming hoarse and painful. This article offers tips to keep your voice healthy and strong. Read more

With Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Message

November 20, 2013

sunflowers and the phrase "with gratitude"
The Thanksgiving holiday reminds us we have much to be thankful for. We are grateful to you: our friends, supporters and colleagues for your friendship and involvement throughout the year. We in the College of Health and Human Development wish you a warm, welcoming holiday. Read more

Brown Center Celebrates 10 Years

September 30, 2013

Brown Center 10 Year Anniversary logo
A spirit of caring, dedication to our students as future professionals and a love of community have enriched the lives of people with physical challenges at the Brown Center for Adaptive Aquatic Therapy for 10 years now. Read more

Stemming the Tide of Childhood Obesity

September 30, 2013

happy kids running for fun and fitness
Childhood obesity rates have reached epidemic proportions in the United States with the rate of obesity among children in California aged 6 to eighteen at nearly 20 percent.  Is it that kids have become too sedentary--too many video games, too much TV, not enough time playing outside?  Is it simply bad eating habits? Is it the oversized restaurant portions, the abundance of sugary soft drinks and the preponderance of sugar in processed foods? Or is it the parents who have become overindulgent or not setting and sticking to rules for growing up healthy? Read more


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