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Recent News in HHD

RTM Alum Patrick Prager: A Personification of Grit

December 22, 2016

Patrick Prager and MaryAnn Cummins-Prager

RTM Alum Patrick Prager (’13) is the son of former CSUN Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Mary Ann Cummins-Prager and the late Peter Prager, who was special assistant to the dean of the Oviatt Library. Patrick completed a brave journey to earn his bachelor’s degree.  Through illness, depression and the loss of his father, he continued his pursuit of martial arts to complete his CSUN degree program.  And this fall, he and his mother collaborated to open The Edge, a martial arts studio in Santa Clarita. Read more

Can a CSUN Degree Help a Person Hike the Pacific Coast Trail?

December 20, 2016

RTM Alum Andy Kischenkenyan with Laurie Kramer

As was the case on his Pacific Crest Trail trek with is soon-to-be fiancee, Recreation & Tourism Management alum Andy Dischekenyan ('10) took a lengthy journey to receive his degree. The journey began in 2001 and was interrupted in 2004 when he stepped away from the university. During that time, he experienced depression and became overweight. He decided to return to school and change his major to RTM, intrigued by the possibilities of what he could do with the degree. Then he blossomed. Read more

CSUN Kicks Off Charitable Holiday Season

November 29, 2016

logo for csun's giving tuesday

There are many ways that people can give back to CSUN, including money, food and time. To give monetary donations that directly will benefit CSUN and its students, visit or, to give directly to HHD, visit  Donations can be directed toward student scholarships or specific departments at CSUN, benefiting the university however the donor wishes. Read more


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