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Recent News

Teaching Oral Hygiene to Rural Guatemalan Families

December 19, 2013

Terri Lisagor teaches children about the teeth

Determined to fight one of the most preventable diseases among children–dental caries (cavities)–California State University, Northridge professor Terri Lisagor led a team of students in November to rural Guatemala to teach families there about nutrition and oral hygiene and to be a part of a team that provides basic dental services. Read more

Where We're Growing

December 4, 2013

sunflowers growing in a field
We are excited about many initiatives in the College of Health and Human Development that will benefit from your support.  Take a look at just a few of the areas where we're growing. Read more

Wellness Center for Students

December 3, 2013

woman walks a labyrinth
Student success includes discovering ways to manage stress and develop practices that will support lifelong health and wellbeing. The new campus Wellness Center will be a destination where students can revitalize themselves. Read more

Top 15 Tips for Healthy Holidays

December 3, 2013

happy woman swimming
This holiday season, make health and wellness convenient and fun! Inspire through laughter and play. Discover healthful food choices, calculate ways to spend within your budget, and start the New Year feeling great. The faculty in the College of Health and Human Development offer their "top 15 holiday tips" to manage fun, fitness, food and financial wellbeing. Read more

How to Keep Your Voice Healthy

November 21, 2013

voice coach works with student

Our voices. We use them to speak, sing, laugh, cry, moan and sigh. Our voices provide so much information about us. We often use expressions like, “You sound tired,” or “I could hear it in his voice.” For the majority of us, our voices are how we present ourselves to the world. And yet, we so often take them for granted. We overuse, sometimes misuse and abuse them until they are injured, becoming hoarse and painful. This article offers tips to keep your voice healthy and strong. Read more


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