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Recent News in HHD

Enhancing Student Learning and Engagement

August 21, 2015

whitney scott speaks to group

Topics ranging from student smoking to privacy laws will be explored by recipients of the CSUN Judge Julian Beck Learning-Centered Instructional Project grant award during the 2015–16 academic year.  The Beck grant selection committee chose projects that provide students with opportunities to actively engage in—and become responsible for—their own learning. “The Beck grant uniquely integrates the top two campus priorities: student success and employee success,” said Whitney Scott, director of faculty development and Child and Adolescent Development faculty.  Health Sciences faculty members Bethany Rainisch and Suzanne Spear are among the recipients of this grant. Read more

Showing Benefits of Exercise Through Rat Studies

July 21, 2015

ben yaspelkis shows the mechanism he uses when performing research on rats

Hidden behind imposing laboratory doors, a militia of rats are lifting weights on miniaturized bench presses and running on mini treadmills. Scientists are scribbling notes and analyzing the rats’ tissue samples.This is the scientific frontier for two California State University, Northridge professors who are one step closer to understanding the benefits of exercise for humans. Kinesiology professor Ben Yaspelkis and biology professor Randy Cohen have been examining how exercise affects two different areas when it comes to the health of mammals as a whole — including humans.. Read more

Sensory Motor Program Elevates Children's Lives

July 13, 2015

csun student helps child participant of sensory motor program in kinesiology

When Draven Mayo showed up on the first day of California State University, Northridge’s Sensory Motor Program, the 3-year-old girl could barely walk in a straight line. Her global developmental delays, cerebral hypotonia and sensory processing disorder have diminished her muscle tone and made it difficult for Draven to sit up straight for long periods or maintain balance when she walked. However, as the Department of Kinesiology’s five-week-long sensory motor summer program neared its end, Draven reached milestones her mother never expected. Read the full story and see the video in CSUN Today. Go directly to the video. Read more


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