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Recent News

Sport Psychology: A Balanced Life and a Winning Game

April 1, 2014

ashley samson talks with athletes on the field

Before attempting a goal, before reaching beyond perceived limits, we conceive an idea of the outcome.  Some people are motivated by imagining that moment of attaining the goal, some focus on the freedoms that may follow it, and some are driven by the fear of failure. For the college athlete, any combination of the above may apply to the game, but finding the healthiest way to develop and keep a winning attitude while pursuing a university degree, can be daunting. Ashley Samson is an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology Consultant for Athletics at CSUN.  She works with student athletes for optimal performance, but winning is not the entire goal. Read more

Nutrition, Food Science for the Athlete: Optimal Health Throughout the Year

April 1, 2014

Simona Hradil shows the MyPlate system of food portioning

With the multitude of approaches to diet and nutrition all around us, tips and tricks for quick weight loss or fast muscle gain and claims of maximum fitness with minimal effort, science and common sense continually point to a simple fact:  A nutrient rich diet and regular exercise are the keys to fitness and welleing. It’s easy to think an athlete at peak performance is the model of self discipline and sound nutrition practices, but that’s not always the case. Athletes need coaching for nutrition, too. Read more

Athletic Training: Injury Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

April 1, 2014

athletic trainer examines an athlete

Prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation through the lifespan are the focal points for CSUN Athletic Training Students  in the classroom, labs and clinic.  The expertise they are developing will serve throughout their careers to keep athletes strong and healthy beyond the game. Shane Stecyk is the Director of the CSUN Athletic Training Program in the Department of Kinesiology.  “One of the clinical sites where our ATSs gain clinical experience is right here at CSUN in Athletics.”  The collaboration between the College of Health and Human Development and Athletics adds to the broad range of experiences students will take into the profession. Read more

Physical Therapy Students Travel to Vietnam

March 28, 2014

csun pt student interacts with infant

“Language, lifestyle, culture and health beliefs affect how people access health care and the ways healthcare providers’ meet their patients’ needs,” said CSUN Physical Therapy Professor Janna Beling. “We want CSUN Physical Therapist students to graduate with an appreciation for different ways of thinking, so we place a high value on exposing our students to different cultural experiences. The goal is for the students to consider cultural competence as a part of "best practice" in providing physical therapy care." Read more

EOH Symposium Draws Record Number of Alumni

March 17, 2014

attentive audience

Issues like global warming and urban impacts naturally bring up concerns about pollution and consumption. Participants at the 9th Annual CSUN Environmental and Occupational Health Technical Symposium considered not only the need for change, but the environmental challenges that will accompany large-scale changes to various forms of renewable energy production.  More than 235 students, faculty and alumni attended the symposium on March 5. This year’s event was called “Energy Alternatives for California's Future: Environmental Health Aspects.” Read more


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