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Recent News in HHD

Power and Strength ECLIPSE Limb Loss

April 22, 2015

eclipse event runners

The use of prosthetics to replace limbs lost through illness or injury may evoke thoughts of limitation and loss. But Physical Therapy faculty Victoria Graham is re-inventing that perspective to something positive. “We're shifting the perception of people living in prosthetics away from suffering and loss and toward a clear view of health and vitality," said Graham, organizer of the first-ever ECLIPSE Symposium at CSUN in March. ECLIPSE is an acronym for Exercise Community Living in Prosthetics and Supporting Everyone. Read more

Healthcare Answers for Underserved Populations

April 22, 2015

frank alvarez talks to class

What are some of the common misconceptions surrounding the recent measles outbreak?  Are there any new insights into strategic health priorities such as obesity and asthma?  What should health and wellness professionals consider when working with people from underserved communities?  Showing students the many pathways to success in the healthcare field is one of the goals of the five-year, $2 million CAMINO grant from the US Department of Education. The CAMINO Speakers Series highlights some of those pathways by bringing healthcare leaders to campus to share their professional journeys and their expertise with our students. Read more

Student Veterans Conquer the High Ropes Course

April 20, 2015

two people on high ropes course

Reaching beyond one’s comfort zone, building trust, raising self confidence and so much more took place when student veterans participated in the High Ropes Challenge Course (HRCC) at California State University, Northridge. The Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing, Student Veteran Organization and Veterans Resource Center (VRC) provided activities, both on the ground and in the air, that helped form a bond within the group. The event is significant to the student veterans because it is a team-building exercise as well as a self-learning experience. Read more


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