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Applying for EOP as a First Time Freshmen

Senior Year Game Plan

Please note that although EOP is a statewide program, the admissions process and deadlines to each campus may vary.

This senior year game plan is for you to submit all required documents to qualify for the mandatory EOP interview at CSUN.


Take SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject or ACT as soon as possible.

* Apply for Scholarships all year long.




CSU and CSUN EOP Applications open as early as
Oct. 1st.
Please note, space is limited.



Nov. 30th. - Application deadline for CSUs and to check “EOP Interest” on CSU Mentor.

• Early registration for EPT/ELM is highly encouraged!


December 11th. - Priority deadline to submit EOP application and other required documents at CSUN. 

Required documents:

  • Household’s 2014 or 2015 federal tax return - (or EOP financial verification form (.pdf) if the household does not, and is not required to, file taxes). 
  • Unofficial high school transcript - This is a separate requirement from the transcript required by Admissions & Records. Send sealed transcripts to Admissions & Records.
  • SAT/ACT scores (not required if they have already been received by CSU Northridge). Take no later than December. To register for these exams or to send scores visit:www.collegeboard.org ( for SAT) | www.actstudent.org (for ACT).
  • Proof of registration for EPT/ELM (or proof of exemption)  - click here to register. 

• Last time you can take SAT exam.

• Don’t forget about the EPT/ELM. Register to take these tests (unless exempt).


January 1st. - First day to apply for state and federal financial aid; remind your parents to do their income taxes early. Don’t forget the CalGrant.


March 2nd. - Priority deadline for financial aid.

If you apply to CSUN EOP make sure to check your CSUN email regularly.