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You can also view the VNR Calendar for information about upcoming events and workshops being held by VNR and by other community organizations in the San Fernando Valley.

VNR Workshops and Conferences

Making Board Membership More Compelling – Workshop Intensive

Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2022 4:30-6 pm
Location: Zoom
Cost: FREE
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This workshop will present strategies for making board membership — and board meetings — more rewarding, and more interesting. Leading the workshop will be VNR Senior Consultant Janet Levine, who has worked with many nonprofit Boards.  It will be limited to six participants - with a waiting list if needed.  Participants will submit information about their Boards in advance, and each will have “airtime” at the workshop to address their particular concerns.  A drawing will be held after the workshop and one selected participant will receive a free consultation on redesigning their board by Janet Levine, valued at $1,000.  You must apply to be considered for a space at this special event.

Community Workshops and Conferences

How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Nonprofit

Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2022 10:00 AM PT
Location: Virtual
Price: $20
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Social media can be effective communications tools for nonprofits, but only if nonprofits understand that creating engaging content is essential to acquiring new supporters and donors from social media interactions. Customized for small nonprofits with limited time and financial resources, this 90-minute webinar demonstrates how to create and maintain a successful social media strategy.

Facebook & Instagram Best Practices for Nonprofits

Date: July 27, 10:00 AM PT
Location: Virtual
Price: $30
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Facebook and Instagram are two of the largest social networks in the world and are essential to a nonprofit’s social media strategy. When used correctly, both platforms are effective for communicating the story of the nonprofit’s mission and programs and inspiring donors to give and supporters to take action. This two-hour webinar will focus on the big picture of how Facebook and Instagram fit into an organization’s digital marketing and fundraising strategy.

Create & Manage Your Nonprofit Internship Program to Build a Talent Pipeline

Date: Monday, August 1, 2022 10:00 AM PT
Location: Virtual
Price: $50
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Building a leadership pipeline through a paid internship program helps your organization prepare and plan for the future. A leadership pipeline allows a nonprofit to identify people with skills and strengths to lead your organization forward. Interns get a sense of what the nonprofit does and allows the nonprofit to evaluate future talent. As nonprofits, it is important to plan for the future and build a talent pipeline. This workshop will focus on how to tap into skilled volunteers to build a pipeline for leadership. Specific topics include how to recruit interns, structure projects that are mutually beneficial, how to supervise interns, create virtual or hybrid internships, the importance of stipends and payments for interns, and how to use internships to build a talent pipeline for the future. Real examples will be given of nonprofits utilizing internships.

Get Your Board to Give Their Biggest Gifts and Help You Fundraise

Date: August 2, 10:00 PM PT
Location: Virtual
Price: $87
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Join Brian Saber on this nonprofit training on how to get a board to fundraise and get larger gifts. Topics will include how to create a board culture where the importance of giving and helping fundraise is clearly understood and embraced; how to develop a board process that  will raise the level of board giving; how to educate a board on what it means to be involved in fundraising as a board member; and how  board members can develop their skills in the art of soliciting gifts face-to-face.

Leading Teams, Partnerships, Collaborations, and Communities towards Greater Impact

Date: September 6, 9:30 AM PT
Location: Virtual
Price: $200
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Too often strategic planning happens in a vacuum, visions casted, momentum built, plans written -- yet the people directly impacted by the plan (clients, donors, staff, volunteers, community) are left out. This process has led to plans that have failed to meet their full potential. Community engagement, though at times unwieldy and time-consuming, is critical to truly propel all variables towards a common goal. When done well, a snowball effect happens, where the impossible becomes possible. In this workshop, participants will learn strategies for engaging community stakeholders while balancing organizational/group needs; and they will explore ways to leverage leadership to build a collaborative and sound planning process.

How to Navigate Corporate Giving in 2022

Date: September 29, 11:00 AM PT
Location: Virtual
Price: $69
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Many companies boosted giving and adjusted their grantmaking practices and priorities in response to recent crises. This online session will address which changes continued in 2022 and which didn’t, how to best appeal to corporate grant makers now, and tips for cultivating potential new partners.

Alchemy Leadership Seminar

The Annenberg Foundation's three-day capacity building training is designed for EDs and board chairs. It is available at no cost to nonprofits in the Los Angeles region. The training addresses fundraising, board effectiveness, public involvement, and accountability. To learn more and apply please visit Annenberg Alchemy

American Grant Writers' Association

The AGWA offers an online course that includes modules in Researching Grant Opportunities, Program Development and Proposal Writing, Professional Ethics, and Planning Budgets for Foundation and Federal Grants. In addition, the Association offers in-person workshops in various locations, has an online bookstore, and a referral service that connects searchers with its Certified Grant Writers. For more information, please visit the American Grant Writers' Association.

Antioch University Los Angeles

Antioch University offers a master of arts degree in nonprofit management through an 18-month program for working professionals. Preparation for work in human service, religious, educational, community development, health care, arts and culture, environmental, foundation and other nonprofit organizations. For more information, please visit Antioch University, Los Angeles.

Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management

The Society for Nonprofit Organizations awards a certificate for students completing eight online courses from SNPO's Learning Institute. The Learning Institute courses are self-paced and focus on core competencies of nonprofit leadership and management. To find out more and to enroll please visit SNPO's Learning Institute.

15 Days to More Engaging, More Inspiring E-Newsletters

This is a free e-course. Register for the course and get a free email every day for 15 days with tips and how-to's of effective newsletter writing. To learn more and register, please visit 15 Days to More Engaging, Inspiring E-Newsletters.

Center for Nonprofit Management Online Grantwriting Courses

CNM has partnered with Grant Central USA to offer grant writing courses online. These courses are an easy way to get grant writing training; they teach how to effectively find, write, and submit proposals for government grants, education grants and nonprofit organization grants.
For more information please visit,  Online University - Grant Writing.

Tseng College of Extended Learning, California State University Northridge

MPA and Certificate Programs at California State University Northridge offers many courses on nonprofit management subjects, such as basic nonprofit management, strategic planning, fundraising, and human resources. These graduate-level courses may be completed as a graduate certificate only or as part of an MPA degree. For more information, please contact the MPA office at 818/677-5635 or visit Nonprofit Sector Management - The Tseng College

USC Sol Price School of Public Policy - Nonprofits & Philanthropy Academic Program Options

Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management is designed both for those with several years of work experience in the nonprofit sector as well as those looking to begin careers in this area. For more information, please visit the Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management webpage.

Bachelor of Science in Policy, Planning, and Development: Nonprofit and Social Innovation Track prepares students to become leaders in the nonprofit community, engaging them with the necessary skills, introducing them to work alternatives in the nonprofit arena, and encouraging them to prepare themselves to work within an organization or start their own. For more information, please visit the Bachelor of Science in Policy, Planning, and Development: Nonprofit and Social Innovation Track webpage.

Undergraduate Minor in Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Volunteerism is a four-course program for learning about the nonprofit sector – its organizations, philanthropy, and voluntary action. It is designed for students who plan to work in a nonprofit organization, volunteer with nonprofits, or pursue graduate work in a service-related profession. For more information, please visit the Undergraduate Minor in Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Volunteerism webpage.

MPA Specialization in Nonprofit Management and Leadership has several specialization areas - Local Government, Nonprofit Management, Health, Public Finance, International, and Arts Leadership. For more information, please visit the MPA Specialization in Nonprofit Management and Leadership webpage.

MPP Specialization in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Policy is for those interested in how philanthropy and the nonprofit sectors can contribute to innovative public problem-solving. For more information, please visit the MPP Specialization in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Policy webpage.

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Policy is a 16-unit program that provides students with a foundation in nonprofit management and policy. The program develops nonprofit management skills and provides students with the knowledge needed to understand the increasing importance of nonprofits in society and their role in public policy. For more information, please visit the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Policy webpage.