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History and Operations

Valley Nonprofit Resources was created after six years of research and active dialogue with nonprofit leaders in the San Fernando Valley. A small convening was held in 2001, and a major planning conference convened in 2003, both at California State University Northridge. Thanks to a grant from The California Endowment, a one-year feasibility study was conducted in 2005. It re-affirmed the need for a resource focused on and in the San Fernando Valley and identified topics Valley nonprofit leaders would like help with, such as executive leadership transition, financial management and volunteer recruitment.

The feasibility study also established the desire Valley nonprofits have for peer-based learning, for information that’s easily-accessible on the internet or by phone, and for training and technical assistance that’s locally available. VNR was created to meet all of these needs simultaneously.

VNR is designed to serve executive directors, staff and board members of nonprofits, plus leaders of volunteer groups and of smaller foundations located in the Valley. Most of its services are provided on-line, over the phone, or in facilities of its partner organizations, making VNR a “virtual MSO,” a management support organization that takes advantage of modern technology and multiple collaborating organizations.

Support for VNR comes from foundations, corporations and private donors. Most services are free of charge, though modest fees for certain training and technical assistance activities also help support the program. A number of collaborating organizations donate facilities for educational events.


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