USU Board of Directors Spring Elections Results

April 17, 2023

A sincere thank you goes out to all who took part in the process from the newly elected members of your BOD, who look forward to serving all Matadors here at CSUN. Check out the results and bios of our new board members below, who will begin their term during the 2023 Transition Ceremony on Monday, June 12, 2023!

USU Board of Directors Elections Results

Daniel Lopez — 364
Junicarl Ferido — 347
Ashley Godinez — 279
Marilyn Orantes — 239
Jasmin Zesati — 168

The University Student Union (USU) Board of Directors (BOD) is a student-led, action-orientated team that makes the decisions that directly improve campus life. Campus resources like the Oasis Wellness Center and Student Recreation Center, cultural centers like the Pride Center, DREAM Center and Veterans Resource Center and engaging events like Matador Fun FestUSU Night Market and Carnaval are all brought to you by the BOD!

Thank you for casting your vote for the next generation of leadership and change at the University Student Union… Where Matadors Belong!

Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez, is a third-year student majoring in Public Health with a minor in Human Sexuality. Aside from being a full-time student he is also a leader, advocate, and mentor to others. Daniel has been involved as a Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader, and currently a Diversity and Inclusion Committee member for the USU’s Board of Directors. Daniel has been involved within the D&I Committee for the USU’s BOD since the Fall of 2021. During his tenure on the committee, he has contributed greatly to constructing the USU’s Mission Statement and Land Acknowledgement. Daniel strives to run for the BOD to continue to foster a community of inclusivity and honor the diverse cultures and backgrounds our Matadors hold. With his leadership and organizational skills, he hopes to make a difference within the CSUN community and expand the accessibility of all USU resources for Matadors.

Junicarl Ferido

Junicarl (Juni) Ferido is a first generation Filipino-American majoring in Accounting and Business Honors at CSUN. She currently serves as the Director for Student Development for the Accounting Association, Vice President/Chair of Fundraising for the professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, and on the Board of Directors Finance Committee. Being raised as the eldest daughter of immigrants, Juni is currently navigating through her second year of college by trying to reconcile and heal from childhood generational differences, proactively making efforts to better herself and her community. Using her ability to empathize, reflect, and adapt to demanding situations, she’s currently involved in the process to reimagine the New Heart of Campus project and hopes to find a solution to how the project can be redesigned to satisfy the needs of the current CSUN student population. A heavy advocate for transparency and active communication, she hopes to boost student awareness and involvement with BOD activities by enhancing the Board’s social media presence and community engagement.‘

Ashley Godinez

Ashley Godinez has been a public health major on the Dean’s List for the past five semesters at CSUN. Ashley is running for the Board to promote campus health equity by expanding food and sexual health services for all CSUN students. She seeks to raise funding for student health and well-being services by advocating for more fundraising and reducing expenditures. Ashley aspires to improve the USU by encouraging student participation in their events and providing services that promote inclusivity. As a BOD member, Ashley strives to serve her campus community, represent her peers, and promote health equity and wellness for all CSUN students.

Marilyn Orantes

Marilyn is a first-generation, Latina parent scholar pursuing a degree in Child and Adolescent Development with a minor in Psychology. She currently serves as Fundraising Chair for Parent Scholars United and hopes to use her leadership experience to serve on the board and emphasize the significance of student involvement on campus as she believes leads to student success. She hopes to continue to create an environment that welcomes students from all walks of life.

Jasmin Zesati

Jasmin Zesati is a candidate that has shown her care for everyone in the CSUN community. She has been a part of the Diversity and Inclusion committee since the Fall of 2022. Her major in Health Administration shows she does not shy away from leadership roles and is here to advocate for students because she feels everyone should be taken into consideration when making decisions that impact all of campus. She is ready to advocate for transparency in the decisions being made.