Gain Essential Life Skills at the “Adulting 101” Workshops with the USU

September 29, 2021


WHAT: The University Student Union (USU) invites all CSUN students to attend and benefit from the practical and engaging series of workshops, Adulting 101. Find guidance from experts who know what is best to apply in your daily lives. From networking, independence to knowing your rights, these workshops are here to prepare you for what is coming in your chapter of adulthood. 

WHO: Audrey Martinez, Manager of USU Programs, is responsible for this event. 

WHEN: Select Dates from 3-5 p.m. 

Wednesday, Sept. 29: So You’re About to Graduate? 

Thursday, Oct. 14: So You Just Moved Out? 

Wednesday, Nov. 17: So You Want to Know Your Rights? 

WHERE: Zoom 

WHY: This series of workshops provides CSUN students with helpful advice, tips and wise knowledge as they go on about their daily adult lives. 

BACKGROUND: Boost your confidence when living your best adulthood life with “Adulting 101!” For more details on the event and panelists, please visit

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