Grammar Resources

Grammar Resources


Can't come in to work with us right away but need help? Maybe one of these online grammar resources can help you in the meantime to answer a specific question.


Online Sources to Practice Reading Comprehension


This is a popular website that allows the user to adjust the difficulty level of each article. You can browse all of their articles if you create a free account.


This site allows you to choose readings based on the proficiency level you want and answer a few comprehension questions.


This last one doesn't have as many comprehension questions as the others, but it has readings on a wide variety of topics.


Fun Apps for English Practice

  • LearnEnglish Grammar (US edition) iOS and Android

  • English Grammar (Tenses Test) iOS only

  • English Grammar (Book) iOS and Android

  • Correct Me English (Grammar help) iOS only


Welcome to The Conversation Swap and Language Exchange in the Learning Resource Center!

If you want to practice your newly-learned grammar skills, or practice speaking in a language you are learning, join us for Conversation Swap and Language Exchange. 

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