Grammar Resources

Grammar Resources


Conversation Swap Language Exchange at the Learning Resource Center!

If you want to practice your newly-learned grammar skills, or practice speaking in a language you are learning, join us for Conversation Swap and Language Exchange. 

Now In-Person at the LRC | Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:00pm-4:00pm


Can't come in to work with us right away but need help? Maybe one of these online grammar resources can help you in the meantime to answer a specific question.

Online Sources to Practice Reading Comprehension


This is a popular website that allows the user to adjust the difficulty level of each article. You can browse all of their articles if you create a free account.


This site allows you to choose readings based on the proficiency level you want and answer a few comprehension questions.


This last one doesn't have as many comprehension questions as the others, but it has readings on a wide variety of topics.


Fun Apps for English Practice

  • LearnEnglish Grammar (US edition) iOS and Android

  • English Grammar (Tenses Test) iOS only

  • English Grammar (Book) iOS and Android

  • Correct Me English (Grammar help) iOS only


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