The University Corporation

How We Support CSUN

The University Corporation (TUC) is a non-profit auxiliary corporation established for the sole benefit of California State University, Northridge. In addition to providing commercial and administrative services to CSUN, TUC actively supports the campus community in a variety of ways.

Employment & Training Opportunities for Students

TUC provides employment and training opportunities to more than 300 students. TUC offers flexible work schedules and proximity to classes, eliminating commutes between school and work.

Most TUC student employees experience professional training in food service, sales, customer service and administration, which will benefit them in their later careers. Some of the students even grow into supervisory positions with significant budgetary and personnel responsibility.

Student Investment Fund

A portion of TUC investments - currently $1.5 million is managed by students in the Honors Investment Management Class, College of Business & Economics. This gives students hands-on experience that better prepares them for furture careers.

Commercial & Administrative Support

By providing a variety of commercial and administrative services, TUC provides a commercial infrastructure and service environment on campus that alow faculty, staff and students to fully focus on their academic and professional endeavors.

Campus Store

Operated by Follett Higher Education Group, the Campus Store provides easy and instant access to almost all required academic materials such as textbooks, course packs, and software. The bookstore also offers trade books, magazines and emblematic clothing.

Food Services

Students, faculty and staff enjoy a wide variety of menu choices at a number of locations on campus, including coffeehouses, food courts, Burger King, Subway, Juice It Up, Panda Express, El Pollo Loco. Residents of Student Housing may also participate in the campus meal plan.

Matador Mercados & Convenience Stores

Forgot something? Need something in a hurry? There are four Matador Mercado locations and The Arbor Grill Convenience Store on campus.  Each offering a selection of snacks, beverages, packaged products, school supplies and sundries.

Orange Grove Bistro

In the relaxed atmosphere of the historic orange grove, the Orange Grove Bistro provides a place to meet,socialize and entertain while enjoying an upscale dining experience.

Sponsored Programs

A comprehensive and professional post-award administration of government research and training grants and contracts, relieves faculty from many fiscal and administrative task and ensures compliance with University rules and government regulations.

Investment Management

The management and coordination of investment funds maximizes the surplus returned to the University.


TUC manages CSUN trademark licensing and the facilities rental program, which provides surplus revenue to the campus strengthen university ties with the community.

Real Estate & Faculty Staff Housing

TUC owns 31 condos in the College Court Townhomes that are leased to faculty and staff at below market rental rates.

North Campus

Under a TUC management agreement with the North Campus-University Park Development Corporation, management, working with the University, has commenced the planning and development of 'Devonshire Downs', an attainably-priced housing development for faculty and staff.

Our Policy on Donations

Frequently, we receive inquiries from students, faculty and staff asking us to sponsor or contribute to activities or events. Due to the mission and role of The University Corporation we are unable to provide funds or goods for such activities. For more information, please refer to The University Corporation Policy on the Distribution of Surplus Funds, dated May 19, 2000.