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Student Opportunities

University Licensing is excited to offer students a variety of opportunities to assist in Student Success!

One of the main services we provide to students is assistance in reserving campus locations for use in student film shoots. Additionally, with many professional film shoots taking place on campus, students looking to pursue a career in the film industry can get on-set experience by shadowing a crew member or our Licensing staff through our Job Shadow Program. If you prefer being on-camera instead of working behind-the-scenes, our Student Extras Program can be your first step in that direction. Select from the options below to learn more about these opportunities.

Student Films

The CSUN campus is home to a variety of unique locations that are available for student productions. Whether you are a CSUN CTVA student or a film student from another university, the University Licensing office is committed to supporting student filmmakers succeed with their academic endeavors.

Student Extras Program

Additionally with many professional film shoots taking place on campus throughout the year, we offer students the opportunity to be Extras on professional productions through our Student Extras Program.

Job Shadow Program

Those who are interested in pursuing a career in film, can take advantage of our Job Shadow Program in which the student can get on-set experience by shadowing our licensing team on location or a production crew member.