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The CSUN Approach to International Agreements

All International MOUs are University Agreements

All memos of understanding (MOUs) with international schools, colleges, universities or appropriate educationally related professional or research organizations are recognized as official CSUN agreements. In keeping with CSU policy (EO 1080), the CSUN university president must sign all MOUs. No one other than the university president can approve a relationship between CSUN and any international organization, and all MOUS go through an extensive vetting process. MOUs are initiated by a department and college or by a University division and move forward through for review and approval to gain the president's approving signature.

Make Friends First

If there is a wish to develop an MOU to start a relationship with an international institution and CSUN, it is most useful to develop an MOU that does not commit CSUN resources or promise particular aspects of a collaborative relationship that have yet to be defined. A Handshake or Friendship MOU is much quicker and easier to develop and approve. Once in place, if the relationship matures and particular projects or exchanges are identified, a separate MOU can then be drafted that is specific to the project or exchange in question. It is much easier to develop a clear and policy-compliant MOU if it focuses on a specific project or exchange and is, in turn, able to include all the terms and conditions needed to make the agreement solid and approvable.

Make Friends of High Value

An alignment of educational values and academic quality is important for any relationship into which CSUN enters. Any proposed CSUN working relationship with international institutions is reviewed to determine it fits with CSUN's international priority goals and values. The quality and reputation of the institution/organization with which a MOU is proposed is taken into consideration and will be a factor for approval. See CSUN's International Priority Outcomes and Academic Values for a description of the priority outcomes and values guiding CSUN's international initiatives.

Compliance from Start to Finish

CSUN complies with CSU policies and procedures for all international agreements. International agreements (MOUs, MOAs, contracts, etc.) that commit CSUN or CSU resources must be drafted in keeping with CSU approved templates and be fully reviewed and approved by CSUN initially, reviewed and approved by the CSU Chancellor's Office, reviewed and approved by CSUN legal counsel and be signed by the CSUN president. CSU policy requires that MOUs be for no more than five years, and those that have proven to be of significant value to CSUN during the agreement terms may be proposed for renewal.

Start Early

The CSU required review and approval process takes time. For a Handshake/Friendship MOU that does not commit any CSUN resources, please allow a minimum of eight weeks in advance of the date you require the MOU finalized. For an MOU that commits CSUN resources, please allow a minimum of twelve weeks to develop and approve.

Get Started – Email the Deputy SIO

The Deputy Senior International Officer (SIO) is available to help guide you through the process. They will point you in the right direction and get you started with the latest templates and links to relevant policies. Feel free to email the current Deputy SIO for assistance and guidance:

Vanessa Andrade
Director, International Partnership & Program Development
CSUN Deputy Senior International Officer
The CSUN College for Graduate, International and Midcareer Education

Phone: (818) 677-5948
Fax: (818) 677-6408