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About International Academic Student Travel

CSU Executive Order 1081 defines study abroad as any CSU credit bearing campus program that is in whole or part conducted outside the United States, is not a degree program, and is normally one year or less in duration. As such, study abroad programs shall undergo a standard on-campus development process, which incorporates all appropriate administrative and academic reviews as defined by the sponsoring CSU campus curricular process. Campus presidents, or their designees, shall incorporate plans for the review, evaluation, and improvement of the study abroad program as a regular feature and condition of its operation.

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) Academic Affairs Policy 100-02 details the process to offer an international academic field trip as part of an existing CSUN academic credit course. CSUN faculty members working with their department chair and college dean may choose to offer an existing CSUN academic credit course that includes a field trip and is part of a CSUN degree program. When the field trip includes travel outside of the United States (i.e., international travel) additional reviews are required.

Any student travelling international for a CSUN affiliated academic experience must follow the approval and record retention process outlined on this webpage. Such experiences include:

  • An international field trip as part of a CSUN academic credit course
  • An international internship as part of a CSUN academic credit internship course
  • An international service learning activity as part of a CSUN academic credit service learning course
  • A CSUN international student exchange
  • Any other international academic student travel (e.g. research, performance, or conference participation)

Faculty-Led research trips as well as Faculty-Led international field trips are defined as International Academic Student Travel Programs.

CSUN International Academic Student Travel Credit or Noncredit Courses must be CSUN’s Own

CSUN international Academic Student Travel program courses must be developed and offered by CSUN only. CSUN policy prohibits the use of third party providers of academic content to develop or offer any CSUN academic student travel course.

The CSUN academic department and college in which the course in question will reside (the academic home of the course – credit or noncredit) must be responsible for developing the academic content of any CSUN with an international component. The CSUN academic department and college must have full academic oversight responsibility for program content, instructional quality, instructor assignments, and the assessment of student performance.