Teenage Drama Workshop

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Financial assistance for the Teenage Drama Workshop (TADW) may be provided by the program itself or another organization or fund.  Applications are reviewed by the Executive Director of TADW and senior administrative staff.

Please be aware of the following:  Students seeking financial aid are not eligible to attend TADW until notification.  In order for a determination to be made, the following items must be submitted:

  1. A completed Financial Aid application.
  2. A $150 deposit (checks made out to the TEENAGE DRAMA WORKSHOP).

Otherwise, full tuition is due before June 1st, 2018.

Should an applicant not be approved for financial assistance, full tuition is due by the first day of classes.

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There are several scholarships that TADW offers.  The Burroughs Family Scholarship in memory of Ann Burroughs provides $500 tuition remission to two students.  Other donors and agencies also provide grant money to TADW to help students in need of financial aid.  Scholarship awards will range based on demonstrated need.  TADW makes every effort it can to help eligible students attend the program.


Full tuition is still due, but in four installments: March 1, April 1, May 1, and June 1.  A $150 deposit must be submitted with the initial application.  Members approved for the Installment Payment Program must make tuition payments in a timely manner to assure continued eligibility to attend.

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Please call if you need clarification of the above information or have additional questions.

Ask for Garry Lennon, TADW Executive Director, (818) 677-3086.