Absences are highly discouraged unless unavoidable. Each day consists of class instruction and rehearsal; therefore, missing any instruction can set your child behind. Rehearsal is at its strongest when every cast member is present. Our staff does our best to catch students up on what they missed, but excessive absences can result in your child being removed from moments in the show or from class demonstrations on our final day. Please be aware that absences can affect casting.

Ideally, students are encouraged to not miss any of TADW. We are fully aware that certain absences due to a medical or family emergency are unavoidable, therefore absences due to these issues are allowed without question. We highly encourage any appointments or school-related activity to be scheduled after the TADW day has ended or after the program is over.


Auditions are a two-day process and mandatory for all performance track students. All students who audition will be cast the production. Students must be in attendance for auditions, no video submissions accepted.

Auditions will be on June 1st (9 AM-2 PM) and June 2nd (10 AM-1 PM).* To be considered for a speaking role it is mandatory you attend both audition days. If you cannot attend, you will be cast in an ensemble role. Tech students are not required to attend. Dates and times are subject to change.

Initial Audition (June 1st): We ask the students to sing the song we have selected. We will review the audition song prior to the start of the auditions. All who are auditioning will sing, be led through a dance audition, and will do a few improvisational exercises. Please bring appropriate dance shoes to the audition, if you already have them. We divide the students into groups and insure that everyone is seen for each production. We strive to make the dance fun as possible. There’s always a bit of stress but we want the students to relax and do their best.


Callbacks are the chance to hear students audition for specific roles for the productions.  All auditioning will be asked to read sides from the scripts which we will provide. Some students will be taught new songs to audition for specific roles. Only select roles will have scenes provided, so just because your student was called back for a specific role, does not mean they will necessarily be cast as such. The sides and songs provided will help the directors gain a better understanding of where your student will shine the most. Students will rotate between both shows and everyone will be reading at least once per show. This year our callbacks will be on Sunday, June 2nd from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.  

Cast lists

Cast lists are the results of the auditions.  All of the lead roles are cast at that time but there are typically smaller parts that will be distributed when rehearsals start.  Keep in mind that most ensemble roles involve playing a variety of characters. The Cast lists will be posted online and in Nordhoff Hall early the following week.  

Courses of Study

TADW will be offering two courses of study for the six-week intensive.

Performance Track: Performance-based students spend the six weeks taking morning classes in Acting, Dance & Voice learning fundamental and more advanced skills in each of the disciplines. The afternoon is spent in rehearsal for our production. All enrolled Performance students must audition but are guaranteed to be cast!

Technical Theatre: The Technical Theatre track guides students through the process of creating a show from the backstage perspective. Our Tech Theatre students learn fundamentals in design, scenic construction, light hang, sound installation and how to run a production. Once performances start all tech students become the crew for the shows under the direct supervision of our staff.

  • Curriculum/ Required Classes 

Each class is designed to challenge each age group appropriately and to offer unique experiences for those returning students who have advanced levels.

Levels are divided up using student age and grade. Please note level placement is NOT based on experience. 

Level 1: Age 12-13, Grade 6-8

Level 2: Age 14-15, Grade 9 & 10

Level 3: Age 16-18, Grade 11 & 12

All TADW students in the performance track are required to take Acting, Dance and Voice Classes. Students are placed in the appropriate class based on their level. 

Level 1: Acting 1, Dance 1 and Voice 1

Level 2: Acting 2, Dance 2 and Voice 2

Level 3: Acting 3, Dance 3 and Voice 3


Acting classes will cover a range of theatre games, scene study, dialect and audition technique.

Dance classes start at fundamental dance technique and work their way up to jazz, ballet, musical theatre and hip-hop.

Voice/Music teaches students the fundamentals of vocal technique including but not limited to pitch, breath support, diction, vowels etc. Students will also learn how to select songs based on their vocal ability and how to audition with them.

All required classes are ultimately focused on cultivating student confidence and spirit in these three main performance areas.


  • Elective Classes 

Stage Make-up: Have you ever wanted to learn how fairies, creatures and witches are brought to the stage? This is the class for you. You will learn the basic skills of how to transform your face into a character using color, texture and perhaps a fake nose or two.

Improvisation: In this class, student will learn the fundamentals and principles of improvisation.  The class will focus on various games and exercises that encourage trust, communication, agreement (“yes and”); active listening, character, status, and laughter. Students in this course will perform an Improv Night early in our season.

Playwrighting: Where does a play start? On the page or in the mind? In this course students will learn how to put their imaginations on the page, while studying character development, plot progression and dialogue to craft a 10-minute play. All student written 10 Minute Plays will be performed at our 10-Minute Play Festival in the final week of TADW.

Musical Theatre: Dance, Sing and Act your way through some of Broadways finest tunes in Musical Theatre. Over the course of five weeks, students will learn the essentials of Musical Theatre, such as audition technique, vocal projection, and stage presence. The students will then be assigned pieces of shows, songs, and dances to work on. This elective culminates in the Musical Theatre Showcase during the final week of the program. 

Elective placement does not include any audition component.

Classroom Locations

TADW operates for the full six weeks in Nordhoff Hall, located on Nordhoff Street between Lindley and Etiwanda, which is also home to the CSUN Department of Theatre. All classrooms, rehearsal spaces and performances venues are within Nordhoff Hall. This year SPONGEBOB will be rehearsing and performing in the Campus Theatre. Our classrooms are Rooms 104, 106, 107 & 214. During our first day students are given a tour of the building. The class location list can also be found in the Parent Student Handbook

Daily Schedule

Monday- Friday 8:15am-4:15pm

8:15am-9:15am-Class Session #1 

9:20am-10:15am-Class Session #2 


10:30am-11:25am-Class Session #3

11:30am-12:30pm-Elective Class 




Program Dates for Summer 2024: June 13 - July 26, 2024

Scholarships/Financial Aid: Submit applications by April 18, 2024

Auditions:  June 1st (9 AM-2 PM) and June 2nd (10 AM-2 PM).* To be considered for a speaking role it is mandatory that students attend both audition days. *Dates and times are subject to change.

Holidays: July 4th

Show Dates: 


July 12 @ 7 pm

July 13 @ 2 pm

July 20 @ 7 pm

July 17-19 @ 11 pm

July 23-25 @ 11 pm


Drop-off and Pick-up is in front of Nordhoff Hall. Parents can use either the B1 Parking Lot on the corner of Nordhoff and Darby or the lot directly in front of the building, which can be accessed via the entrance on Nordhoff and Lindley. TADW staff is always present for both drop-off and pick-up; checking students in and making sure your child gets in and out of the building safely. Our staff will be present outside the building starting at 8:00am, 15 minutes before the classes begin.  

Financial Aid

TADW Tuition for 2024 is $1,900. There are a limited number of partial scholarships available and it is recommended you submit your application as soon as registration begins. Scholarships are based upon proof of financial need. Scholarship decisions will be made after the deadline of April 18th. Applicants must register and pay the $250 non-refundable deposit before consideration for a scholarship.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship please fill out the application form. Scholarship applications received after May 31st will be dependent upon available funding. Any questions regarding scholarships please email our Financial Analyst Alicia Lawrence at alicia.lawrence@csun.edu.

During a regular six-week summer session, one student is selected to receive the Sam Loeb Spirit of TADW which is full tuition for the following summer at TADW. This award is usually announced at the Munch n’ Crunch (our final day celebration on July 26th).


All TADW students must wear the appropriate shoes when attending classes and rehearsal. For Acting class, they may wear whatever shoe they like. For Dance & Musical Theatre they will require basic dance or jazz shoes. A detailed list of pricing and where you can purchase shoes can be found in our parent/student handbook (link here).

For rehearsal all students must wear closed-toe shoes to avoid foot injuries, which can easily happen in an active theatre. No flip-flops or sandals are allowed either on stage or backstage.

Tech students are required to wear closed-toe shoes at all time. No flip-flops, heels or sandals are allowed in any of the TADW shop spaces.


After your student is enrolled for Summer 2024, parents will be sent the following forms which will need to be returned to us as soon as possible.

*Student Code of Conduct

*General Waiver

*Medical Release

*Image Release

Friends of TADW

Friends of TADW (FOT) is the parent auxiliary group that is the backbone of our operation. FOT helps with a variety of fundraisers, serves as ushers for performances and are TADW advocates throughout the year.  FOT meets weekly when TADW is in session and keeps parents updated on developments and upcoming TADW events. You can join FOT for a membership of $25 or just attend weekly Parent Meetings. For more information on FOT please send an email to tadw@csun.edu.


A long-standing tradition at TADW, on the production’s final dress rehearsal evening, the opposite cast watches the performance and serves as the first audience to cheer on and encourage their friends. We ask that parents do not attend this evening. The students (and parents) typically congregate at a local restaurant after the performance, a non-sponsored TADW event. 

July Fourth

The fourth of July is always a day off from TADW. 

Late Arrival/Early Pick-up

If your child needs to arrive late or be picked up early please inform our Program Director, Eric White, with as much notice as possible. We will send that info to our staff so they know not to mark your child as an unexcused absence or have them ready to be picked up.

Level Placement

TADW strives to guide our students through an educational environment while building an artistic community. However, Theatre Arts can have a highly competitive and skill-driven atmosphere. To ensure that our students feel they are in comfortable and fair surroundings they are placed into either Level 1, 2 or 3. These are the groups they will audition with and take their classes with. Casts for our productions are a mix of all levels. The placement of students into these Levels is not based on skill or ability but by grade level and age. The breakdown is as follows:

Level 1-Grade 6-8 (age 12-13)

Level 2-Grade 9-10 (age 14-15)

Level 3-Grade 11-College Freshman (age 16-18)

When filling out your application we ask you include what grade your student will be going in to the following Fall Semester, after TADW 2024.


Parents are expected to provide their children with lunch or the means to purchase a lunch for each day of the program.

During a normal six-week summer session, lunches will be available for purchase through TADW. Lunches for Summer 2024 are TBD. Each meal is $8 and can be purchased online at https://www.csun.edu/teenage-drama-workshop.

If your child is over 18 years old, they are allowed to go off campus to get food. In order for permission to be granted they will need an Off-Campus Release Form, which requires both parent and student signature. If your student goes off campus they must be back in Nordhoff Hall by end of lunch ready for rehearsal. If they are tardy to rehearsal multiple times, it will result in a loss of Off-Campus privilege.

Matador Bookstore Complex

The Matador bookstore complex houses the university bookstore as well as a coffee shop (The Freudian Sip), Fry Shack, Panda Express, El Pollo Loco, Sambazon, as well as a convenience store. The university bookstore and our campus convenience store (Mercado) are open during the summer. Summer hours may vary. They are not open on the weekends during the summer. 

Munch ‘n Crunch

A long-standing tradition at TADW, Munch ‘n Crunch is the final Friday (July 26th) of the program. The day is filled with class performances, award ceremonies, lunch, cake, an auction as well as laughter and a few tears. We encourage all parents and families to attend and celebrate our students. 

Nordhoff Hall

Nordhoff Hall is the home of the Department of Theatre. The building faces Nordhoff Street. The offices of TADW are in this building, NH 110, and can be reached at 818 677 3086. 

Off-campus Release Form

In order for students to leave campus TADW requires an Off-Campus Release Form signed by a parent and student. If your student goes off campus they must be back in Nordhoff Hall by end of lunch ready for rehearsal. If they are tardy to rehearsal multiple times, it will result in a loss of Off-Campus privilege.


Our orientation for Summer 2024 is on May 11 from 12 pm - 2 pm. This event previously called “Meet & Greet” will be structured differently.  Orientation is a mandatory event for all enrolled TADW students. This provides an opportunity to meet other TADW students. Learn the ins/outs of the daily program, as well as touring the building and getting the lowdown on the auditions. If you cannot attend Orientation, please get in contact with us to receive any information you miss.


Parking is available in the B1 Lot on the corner of Darby and Nordhoff, as well as the Lot directly in front of Nordhoff Hall accessible via the entrance on Lindley and Nordhoff. A parking pass is required at all times and can be bought at any of the kiosks in the lots. 

For more information, visit https://www.csun.edu/parking/transportation

Parking rates are as follows:

$2-1 hour

$4-2 hours

$6-4 hours

$8-All Day

**A permit is not required for drop-off and pick-up.**


If you have questions that you do not see addressed here, feel free to email us at tadw@csun.edu or call 818 677 3086.

Refund Policy

check out our refund policy page here.


Please be aware that there are a lot of different programs occurring during the same time period. Your child's safety is our number one priority!

To ensure your child avoids any foot or leg injuries, please make sure they have the appropriate footwear. For Dance Classes they are required to have either a dance or jazz shoe, a list of the appropriate shoe wear can be found on our website. For rehearsal students must wear closed-toe shoes no sandals, flip flops or slip-ons.

General first-aid can be provided by our staff but please be aware that we will not administer any medication. If any medical issues should arise while your child is at TADW, a staff member will walk them over to the Klotz Health Center located on campus. We will contact you as this is happening. In the case of an emergency, 911 will be called immediately by a staff member.


TADW is proud to have had a diverse staff made up of CSUN Instructors, CSUN Students and Industry Professionals. Our Executive Director is Garry Lennon, an Award-Winning Costume Designer and CSUN Professor. Please visit our staff page for more details.


Our 67th Summer features SPONGEBOB the MUSICAL.

Tech Rehearsal

Technical Rehearsals begin when the Director, Designers & Crew begin to incorporate lights, sound & finished set, props and costumes into the show. Tech is a very important part of the process and requires the maximum amount of concentration from the cast. It is mandatory that all cast members be present for full technical rehearsals from 1:15pm-6:00pm. If your child needs to leave early, please let us know as early as possible, so the production team can work it into the schedule.

Smoke Free Campus

CSUN is a smoke free campus which includes TADW students and staff.  Please refer Student/Parent handbook for our specific policies. 


Strike is the final element of any production, it is when the cast & crew help the staff take down the show (remove set pieces, restock props & costumes, take down light fixtures etc.). All students assist with each shows strike, under the direct supervision of TADW staff. Students are broken into groups assisting certain departments. A detailed strike schedule will be sent out once they have been determined. It is mandatory that all TADW students attend strike for both shows.


Congratulate your rising star on performance days with a TADW-gram before the show! These are available for purchase at the Friends of TADW concessions table, all proceeds go towards scholarships. 

Tax ID Number

The TADW Tax ID number is 95-6196006.  Please save this for your tax preparer.  

Volunteer Opportunities

TADW welcomes volunteers to help with various projects throughout the summer.  We ask that all volunteers be over the age of 18. In accordance with University policy, we will ask you to complete a Volunteer Form before you volunteer.