Sustainability Master Plan

Road Map to Sustainability


In 2013 CSUN launched our campus Sustainability Plan that guided our sustainability journey for the past 10 years. In this time, we have made significant progress including achieving AASHE STARS Gold twice, a recognized leader in the CSU, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 23% since the launch of our Climate Commitment and more recently our advances in sustainability education through the newly formed Master’s program. It is now time we look forward to our next 10 years.  

During the 22/23 FY the CSUN sustainability team engaged the campus community in the development of our 10-year Road Map to Sustainability. This included a comprehensive review of the university’s progress to-date on its existing plans, development of a gap analysis and recommendations to close gaps, stakeholder engagement and priority setting and finally translating all of the above into the new sustainability plan for the university. 

Plan Objective 

CSUN’s Road Map to Sustainability provides a framework for the implementation of university-wide sustainability strategies from 2023-2033 in support of its mission, vision, and values. It is intended to support and guide all groups within the CSUN campus community towards a sustainable future. CSUN's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote sustainable practices across all aspects of the university align with its commitment to sustainability and demonstrate its dedication to preparing students to become responsible global citizens. 

Plan Development

CSUN's Road Map to Sustainability supports the University's mission and global goals through a comprehensive planning process. A gap analysis, peer benchmarking and countless stakeholder meetings and interactions informed the plan's structure and content as well as drawing from previous sustainability plans and AASHE STARS reports. It aligns with CSUN's Road Map to the Future and meets CSU, state, and global policies on emissions, water efficiency, and waste reduction. The plan also connects to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Progress will be tracked through the interactive tool Sustaira, which includes links to the Road Map to the Future, AASHE STARS, and the SDGs. 

CSUN’s Road Map to Sustainability 

Sustaira Tracking and Reporting Platform 

In order to effectively track implementation of the plan and share progress, detailed strategies and action items are hosted on the Sustaira platform. In this platform, you will be able to view each goal, its corresponding strategies and actions, and see progress against measured targets. CSUN will use Sustaira to track implementation and share progress with the community. 

CSUN’s Original Sustainability Plan