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NEW eTIME is ready

March 28, 2018

Good Afternoon,


Our GO LIVE for Time & Attendance eTIME version 8.0 is scheduled for April 4th!  Now is the time for managers and liaisons to get a working knowledge of the new system in order to field questions from their staff and other users.  Attached are quick start instructions for both hourly and project view (salary) employees.  Please note:  eTime will be unavailable April 4th and 5th while ADP makes the final switch from our old system to the new one (this does NOT affect time clock users).

TUC v8 Hourly View

TUC v8 Project View


Below is the link to the test environment so you can get a hands-on understanding of the new system.  This is only a test database, it is not real time.  Feel free to enter time or make any changes.  The test environment will no longer exist as of the GO LIVE on April 4th. Once the new system is active, this will be the only eTIME link. You will log in to the new system using the same credentials you have for the existing system.


eTIME test environment URL:





Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance.


Warm Regards,

Cindy Estrella