Direct Deposit

  1. Eligibility: 

    All active employees are eligible to signup for Direct Deposit, with the exception of special payees, one-time payees and consultants.

  2. Effective Date: 

    You can expect Direct Deposit to take effect on the second pay period after submitting the enrollment form.

  3. How to Enroll: 

    Complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization Form - and submit it to Human Resources for completion of section E and submission to the Controller's Office.

  4. How Money is Deposited: 

    Earnings are wired from the State Controller’s Office to the designated financial institution on pay day. View the Direct Deposit Schedule here. View the Direct Deposit Schedule here:

  5. Changing Financial Institutions: 

    Changing financial institutions for Direct Deposit can take up to two pay periods. During any transition, please check your Direct Deposit Advice to confirm which institution received and deposited your funds. You will typically receive a regular warrant before your Direct Deposit is redirected to the new institution. Note: pay warrants are green, and Direct Deposit advice is white; remember to deposit any warrants.