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U301 Transfer Success Seminar (1) 

In this course, new transfer students are guided through their transition to CSUN and preparation for graduation and post-graduation. Students are introduced to university life, academic requirements and expectations, the structures and policies of the University, and support resources and services.

Students will learn about their academic and professional strengths and interests and the extracurricular opportunities related to their field and/or major. Other topics include effective use of professional skills and career tools. All of the course assignments contribute to a comprehensive action plan for timely degree completion and successful post-graduation preparation. The class includes frequent writing assignments, reflection, and learner-centered activities and discussions.


Are you a new transfer student?

U301 can help you to: 

  • cultivate skills you will use at CSUN and beyond
  • explore internship, leadership, work experience, and networking opportunities in your field/major
  • learn about your academic and professional strengths
  • create an action plan for completing your degree and planning for success post-graduation







Student Learning Outcomes


Upon successful completion of U301, you will...

Be able to identify and navigate CSUN structures, policies, resources, academic requirements,
expectations, financial aid/scholarships, and extra-curricular opportunities in order to act as an
agent in your own academic success.

Be able to describe your academic and professional strengths, weaknesses, and interests and
use them to develop better study strategies and short and long-term goals.

Be able to describe the research, internship, volunteer/community service, work experience,
leadership/mentoring, and networking opportunities related to your field and/or major and
their importance to your personal and career success.

Be able to demonstrate effective use of career readiness competencies, including critical
thinking, oral/written communications, and time management.

Be able to create effective career tools, including a resume and Linked In profile.

Have constructed a comprehensive action plan for completing your degree and preparing for

Have gained a sense of belonging at CSUN.

U301 Cohorts

University 301 is targeted for new transfer students in their first semester at CSUN and therefore enrollment is restricted to first-time transfers. If you are not a first-time transfer student but would like to request permission to add the course, please contact Dr. Kim Henige, the Director of Academic First Year Experiences.

Many of the University 301 sections are taught in cohorts. In order to enroll in a cohorted section, your CSUN record must reflect that you are a member of the section's cohort (EOP, veteran, major, or college of major). For example, you can only register for the Department of Kinesiology section if you are a new transfer student and your officially declared major is Kinesiology. Permission numbers are not required, so you may enroll on your own. If you need assistance, please contact your academic advisor or the Academic First Year Experiences office.

If you would like to enroll in the Black Excellence, Returning Students, STEM, or Warrior to Scholar Cohort, please contact your advisor or Dr. Kim Henige, the Director of Academic First Year Experiences.

U301: Transfer Success Seminar

Fall 2024 Sections

SectionsClass #Day/Time
All Majors20670Mon 1-1:50
Black Excellence Cohort20881Tue 2:30-3:20
Black Excellence Cohort21301Thu 2:30-3:20
College of Health & Human Development Cohort20680 Mon 1-1:50 
College of Humanities Cohort 20884Wed 4-4:50 
College of Science & Mathematics Cohort20672 Tue 2:30-3:20 
 20673Wed 4-4:50 
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Cohort20688Tue 5-5:50 
 20689Wed 2:30-3:20 
 20690Wed 4-4:50 
David Nazarian College of Business & Economics Cohort20675Wed 1-1:50
 20676Wed 5-5:50
Department of Child & Adolescent Development Cohort 20682Mon 9-9:50 
 20683Wed 9-9:50 
Department of Criminology & Justice Studies Cohort20691 Tue 4-4:50 
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies & Liberal Studies Cohort20685Wed 4-4:50 
Department of Kinesiology Cohort20684 Tue 2:30-3:20 
Department of Psychology Cohort21039 Wed 5-5:50 
Department of Sociology Cohort21040 Wed 1-1:50 
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Cohort20677Mon 1-1:50 
 20678Tue 11:30-12:20 
 20882Wed 2:30-3:20 
 20679Wed 7-7:50 
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, & Communication Cohort20686Tue 8:30-9:20 
 20687Wed 5-5:50 
Returning Students21042Mon 2:30-3:20
 21043Thu 5-5:50
STEM21159Mon 4-4:50
Warrior to Scholar: Student Veterans Cohort21041Wed 5-5:50