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U100 Freshman Seminar (3 units) 

In this course, first-year freshmen learn and practice the skills necessary for success in college, life, and their career.

Topics include community-based learning, ethical decision-making, information competence and literacy, goal setting, self-discovery, learning skills, time management, health and safety, and holistic wellness. Students learn about key resources and policies on campus through on-site visits and in-class presentations.

Students will also have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of belonging at CSUN by forming connections and relationships with classmates, the campus, and members of the campus community. The class includes frequent writing assignments, reflection, and learner-centered activities and discussions. (Available for General Education, Lifelong Learning.) (IC)


Are you a new freshman?

U100 is perfect for you if you want to:

  • discover your strengths and interests
  • learn about resources and services available to you at CSUN
  • learn skills that will help you at CSUN and beyond
  • become part of the CSUN community

Sense of Belonging

Access to Resources 

Cultivating Confidence


Student Learning Outcomes


Upon successful completion of U100, you will...

Be able to describe and compare the various dimensions of wellness.

Demonstrate confidence, ability, and willingness to seek and receive help when it is needed.

Be able to describe your personal strengths and interests as a learner and professional.

Be able to describe the characteristics of personal responsibility and incorporate them into your own academic and professional success.

Be able to establish realistic and attainable goals that will help guide and motivate your ambitions.

Recognize that you can have a positive impact on the lives of others and their community.

Each fall, freshmen taking University 100 are invited to participate in a campus-wide celebration of their first-semester academic achievements. 



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