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The Gateway Course (Business 302)

BUS 302

Be sure to register for both BUS 302 and BUS 302L.

There are no regularly scheduled class meetings for BUS 302L.

Please review all the links listed to the left under "BUS 302L information" to understand the class. Begin with About BUS 302L.

See Exam Schedule at left for the schedule of exam sessions.

  • PASSING REQUIREMENT: This is a credit/no credit class. You must earn at least 60% of all points (at least 58 total points) AND pass each field exam with at least 50% (at least 8 points)
  • 1 POINT GRADE FORGIVENESS: If a student is only 1 point short either in one field exam or in total points, they would receive passing credit for BUS 302L. This is the only exception to the passing requirements explained above.  Note- The lowest possible combination of grades for passing the lab is a total score of 57 and only one exam score at 7 and the rest at 8 or higher.
  • IF YOU DID NOT PASS the BUS 302L lab in a previous semester, you need to take all six exams again. Test scores DO NOT carry over into the following semester.
  • REMINDER: Before sending an email, please go through this entire website as most of your questions are answered here.

If this is your second enrollment in BUS 302L and you DO NOT earn credit this semester, severe restrictions will be imposed on any further enrollment in business and economics classes. Although the college only allows two attempts to complete BUS 302L, you may petition the College Associate Dean for enrollment in a third semester with your explanation of extenuating circumstances. The necessary form is at: